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Basic Pitch

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A lightweight yet powerful audio-to-MIDI converter with pitch bend detection. Provide a compatible audio file and this tool will generate a MIDI file, complete with pitch bends. Basic pitch is instrument-agnostic and supports polyphonic instruments, so you can freely enjoy transcription of all your favorite music, no matter what instrument is used.

Basic Pitch – AI-Powered Audio Analysis and MIDI Generation Tool

Unleashing a musical innovation is Basic Pitch, an instrumental AI tool that revolutionizes the way you perceive and interact with music. Known for its lightweight nature yet packing significant power, Basic Pitch is an audio-to-MIDI converter with an impressive feature — pitch bend detection. By providing a compatible audio file, this intelligent tool is primed to generate an intricate MIDI file, equipped with compelling pitch bends. Arguably, Basic Pitch’s brilliance lies in its ability to support a variety of instruments and deliver polished transcription of your treasured music seamlessly, regardless of the instrument used.

The unique bouquet of features Basic Pitch comprises of:

  • A functionally sound audio-to-MIDI converter.
  • An ingenious pitch bend detection system for enhanced sound design.
  • An ability to support polyphonic instruments, making it instrument-agnostic.
  • A chance to create and analyze audio with a focus on intricate musical details.

Picture the potential of Basic Pitch in the sphere of Music and Sound Design. Imagine creating your own audio, shaping and molding the sound waves with top-notch precision to produce a unique and captivating piece of music. Analyze audio layers with remarkable finesse, delve into the depths of wavering sounds, epitomizing the core of sound design.

The benefits it offers to its users are unparalleled as the possibilities of creating top-tier professional music pieces become limitless. One can effortlessly breathe life into ideas and reflect them through audio. Moreover, because Basic Pitch supports a plethora of instruments, musicians and artists need not limit their creativity constraints tied up to specific instruments.

With Basic Pitch, the world of music opens up like never before. It enlivens the audio designing process, breaking down complex barriers and simplifying the art of creating and analyzing high-grade audio. Tap into the captivating universe of music and sound design, with Basic Pitch serving as a key to a treasure chest full of infinite possibilities. Whether for professional usage or merely to relive your musical fantasies, Basic Pitch undeniably stands as a game-changer in the realm of sound design.

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