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Your chance to ask a question to a big thinker, artist or scientist. Keep in mind that you only have 3 questions every 24 hours, so make them count. You can try in any other language than english, it might understand you.

AskThee AI Tool – Ask Questions, Generate Text and More!

Envision a digital realm where you have an opportunity to interact with influential figures, pose critical questions, and gain insightful responses. That is AskThee?, an innovative AI tool redefining the scope of communication and knowledge. AskThee? is your unprecedented chance to tap into the minds of formidable thinkers, acclaimed artists, or groundbreaking scientists. The catch is, you’re limited to three noteworthy questions every 24 hours, offering an opportunity to delve deep and channel the essence of your curiosity. On top of fluent English comprehension, this tool embraces multilingualism, ensuring no language barriers limit your quest for enlightenment.

The distinct features setting AskThee? apart include its capacity to generate authentic text, ignite interactive engagement in the spirit of fun, and most uniquely, its designed purpose to ask questions. This cutting-edge AI tool’s functionality extends beyond the English language and is receptive to multiple other languages, bridging the language gap and providing a globally inclusive platform.

The potential uses and advantages of AskThee? deliver an unparalleled interactive experience. Utilize it as an enlightening amusement source when in pursuit of fun, transform your usual question-and-answer session into an engaging intellectual exchange with a dash of excitement, or utilize it as a smart tool to craft text contents seamlessly. Regardless of the application, AskThee? guarantees an enlightening, culturally diverse, and entertaining experience. Embrace the novel dimension of amusement AskThee? offers by defining your fun terms and transforming your inquisitive thoughts into an enlightening reality.


AI-powered recipe recommendations based on various inputs.

ChefGPT Features:

Revolutionize your meal planning and cooking routine with ChefGPT – the AI-powered personal chef that offers tailored meal plans, recipe recommendations, and even wine pairings. With features like PantryChef, MasterChef, MacrosChef, MealPlanChef, PairPerfect, and Shopping List, ChefGPT makes cooking a breeze.


ES.AI is a generative AI toolkit that provides affordable, ethical and high-quality writing tools for students and young professionals.

ES.AI Features

  • Generative AI toolkit: Provides affordable, ethical and high-quality writing tools
  • Specially-trained models: Encourage students to make connections and explore their ideas more deeply
  • Helps you get into the college of your dreams and beyond: Can assist with college applications and other writing tasks
  • 20% off for early users: Special discount available for early adopters

TalkMe is a revolutionary language learning product that focuses on improving speaking and listening skills in a foreign language. Its AI teachers appear as real human images, each with a unique voice and personality, making the learning process more lively and interesting. Features

  • The ability to communicate with AI teachers in real human images anytime, anywhere
  • Face various scenarios and fully prepare for exams or studying abroad
  • Experience AI teachers with different features for dynamic and interesting learning
  • Compatibility with multiple languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish) to meet global communication needs
  • Helps users overcome social anxiety and build confidence by providing AI language partners
  • Offers rich and colorful topic practice scenarios that make learning feel like a game

The GodChat

GodChat is designed to provide an exceptional personal assistant experience on your phone. Powered by GPT3.5 and GPT4, GodChat offers AI chat services within WhatsApp, moving beyond traditional responsive bots.

The GodChat Features

  1. Advanced AI-powered chat: Utilizing GPT3.5 and GPT4 for enhanced communication.
  2. Integration with WhatsApp: Seamless chatting experience within the popular messaging platform.
  3. Multimedia generation: Capable of generating audios, images, and documents.


Sketchar is a personalized art learning app that revolutionizes the way people learn creative skills.

Sketchar Features

  • Personalized learning: Sketchar adapts to individual needs and preferences, tracks progress, and customizes content accordingly for higher engagement
  • Theory and practice: Sketchar effectively combines theory and practice into a fun experience
  • Mind-blowing tools: Sketchar provides mind-blowing tools for daily creative practice

Brain Buddy

Brain Buddy is a GPT-4 powered AI tutor that provides free homework help for students across all subjects and skill levels. The platform offers over 50 ready-to-use prompts and custom reports, saving time and improving academic performance.

Brain Buddy Features

  • AI-Powered Tutoring: Brain Buddy’s advanced artificial intelligence technology delivers accurate answers, tailored solutions, and personalized guidance across various subjects.
  • Prompt Library: With over 50 ready-to-use prompts, Brain Buddy provides instant inspiration and resources for diverse tasks.
  • Custom Reports and Essay Templates and Outlines: Brain Buddy can generate comprehensive reports and essays based on specific data provided by the user, saving valuable time and effort while delivering high-quality results.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed to be simple and intuitive, making it easy for students of all ages and skill levels to access the powerful tutoring capabilities of Brain Buddy.
  • Free Access and Affordable Upgrades: Brain Buddy offers free access to its core features for all students, while an affordable monthly subscription plan unlocks additional tools, prompt libraries, and enhanced capabilities with the Brain Buddy PRO package.


Speakable creates auto-graded speaking assignments in over 100 languages, eliminating the hassle of grading hours of recordings, so you can focus on teaching.

Speakable Features:

  • Add any word or phrase: With the Speakable Builder, you can enter any word or phrase you want your students to practice speaking.
  • Record your voice for students: Use text-to-speech technology to allow your students to listen to words in your speaking assignments or enrich them with your own recordings.
  • Reinforce your lessons with video lessons: Have students watch a video lesson embedded from youtube before they start their speaking assignment.


AICheatCheck is an AI tool designed to maintain academic integrity by verifying the authenticity of students’ work.

AICheatCheck Features:

1. With a success rate of 99.7%, the tool has an excellent capacity to identify GPT-generated content.

2. The tool provides a comprehensive examination of sentence structure and readability to confirm that the student’s work does not originate from AI.

3. For universities and businesses interested in exploring the tool’s functionality, they can schedule a demonstration or reach out to AICheatCheck via their website


Smodin is a multi-lingual writing assistance platform designed to assist students, writers, and internet workers with their daily tasks. The platform offers a suite of tools and apps to help users improve their writing, including a text rewriter, plagiarism checker, auto citation machine, summarizer, and multi-lingual translator.


• Access a suite of writing tools including a text rewriter, plagiarism checker, auto citation machine, and summarizer.

• Benefit from support for over 20 languages for maximum versatility.

• Utilize AI-powered Writer and Rewriter tools to create content quickly.

• Explore additional tools such as a multi-lingual grammar correction, image-to-text and PDF parser, and real-time translated subtitles.

• Enjoy free access to the platform and its wide range of features.

Tiny storie

Personalized audio storytelling for children build using AI

Tiny Storie Features:

– TinyStorie offers AI-driven personalized audio storytelling for kids.
– The aim is to assist parents in their daily routines by providing them with this tool for customizing stories.
– After receiving positive feedback from over a thousand actual registered users in just two weeks, the team plans to offer this app to organizations supporting children’s causes.
– The goal is to use TinyStorie as a tool for spreading awareness and raising funds for such causes.
– A portion of the subscription fees or pack-of-stories purchase goes towards supporting charitable causes.


Nolej is a decentralized skills platform powered by AI, designed to automate interactive courseware creation and facilitate global knowledge sharing.

Nolej Features:

Transform text, videos, and audio files into interactive and engaging course content with the aid of AI technology.

Nolej Graph and Protocol: A global knowledge graph and collective intelligence engine set to debut in 2023.

Acquire new skills, obtain proof of learning, and gain access to real-world opportunities without intermediaries.



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