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CodeWP offers Conversational Code and Chat for everybody, with AI trained specifically for all levels of WordPress creators.

Users can learn, build, and extend their WordPress websites using CodeWP’s AI-powered conversational interface.

Use Cases:

Conversational Code: CodeWP’s conversational interface allows users to write and edit code using natural language, making it easier for beginners and experienced developers alike.

Chat for Everybody: The platform’s chat feature enables users to get real-time assistance and guidance, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

AI Training: The AI is trained specifically for WordPress creators, ensuring that it understands the unique needs and challenges of building and maintaining WordPress websites.

Learning Platform: CodeWP serves as a learning platform, helping users improve their coding skills and learn new techniques for building WordPress websites.

Building and Extending Websites: Users can use CodeWP to build and extend their WordPress websites, adding new features and functionalities with ease.

Accessibility: CodeWP’s user-friendly interface and AI-powered features make it accessible to users who may not have a technical background.


Series of multilingual large language models, independently developed by Shenzhen Yuanxiang Technology. 65B model has been thoroughly trained on a diversified and high-quality dataset consisting of 2.6 trillion of tokens, including more than 40 languages such as Chinese, English, Russian, and Spanish. The sampling ratio of different types of data is finely set, which makes the performance of Chinese and English excellent, and also takes into account the effect of other languages. Also it have Code data of different programming languages.

XVERSE AI Tool: Analyse Text, Create Text, Build Models, Chatbot, Write Code.

Introducing XVERSE – a powerful AI tool designed by Shenzhen Yuanxiang Technology that comes with a series of multilingual large language models! With the 65B model being thoroughly trained on a high-quality, diversified dataset with 2.6 trillion of tokens, XVERSE offers excellent performance in 40 different languages, including Chinese, English, Russian, and Spanish. The sampling ratio for different types of data has been optimized to balance the performance of Chinese and English with other languages. Moreover, XVERSE supports programming language code data, making it an ideal tool for AI writing, ML and more.

Key Features of XVERSE:

  • Series of multilingual large language models
  • 65B model that covers 2.6 trillion tokens
  • Supports 40 different languages
  • Sampling ratio finely set for optimal performance of all languages
  • Supports programming language code data

Possible Use Cases & Advantages of XVERSE:

  • AI writing, ML and more
  • Easily analyse, create, build and train models
  • Develop chatbot with natural language processing
  • Create and write code for different programming languages
  • Offers excellent performance across 40 different languages with advanced optimization of sampling ratio of different types of data

Ai Code Reviewer

Improve your code with AI Code Reviewer

AI Code Reviewer Features:

Streamline your code review process with the AI Code Reviewer – an AI-powered tool that automatically identifies potential issues in your code, assesses it for errors, security vulnerabilities, and coding standards, and offers suggestions for improvement. Customizable and user-friendly, it’s suitable for all coding levels and projects, providing valuable features to enhance code quality and security.

AI-powered regular expression generator


Regex Wizard is an innovative web-based tool that simplifies working with regular expressions. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, Regex Wizard offers unparalleled functionality and convenience for developers and users who work with text data.

Here are the key features and use cases of Regex Wizard:

Key Features:

1. Quick Matching: Regex Wizard makes it easy to find matching regular expressions quickly. It accomplishes this by inserting text and highlighting multiple strings using the cursor, making it easier to identify patterns.

2. Easy Removal: Regex Wizard lets you remove highlighted text by clicking on it, speeding up the process of refining regular expressions.

Overall, Regex Wizard is an excellent tool for anyone working with text data, particularly developers who regularly work with regular expressions. With its advanced features, intuitive design, and wide range of use cases, this tool simplifies data analysis significantly and saves time and effort in regular expression applications.


Pionex GPT – Create Your Own Strategy with AI

PionexGPT Features:

Pionex offers a wide range of features that make it a go-to platform for cryptocurrency trading. With automated trading bots, multiple investment products, and cutting-edge features like PionexGPT and Signal Support, traders can quickly and efficiently buy and sell cryptocurrencies and develop effective trading strategies. Pionex is an excellent platform for those looking to diversify their portfolio with cryptocurrency investments.


The AI Code Assistant that really helps developers.

Safurai Features:

Safurai is an innovative IDE extension that utilizes AI technology to assist developers with software development tasks, including coding, debugging, and refactoring. With its virtual assistant capabilities, Safurai can provide developers with valuable solutions and insights that can improve the quality of their code and streamline the development process. The software is user-friendly and can greatly enhance the efficiency of software development processes. By incorporating Safurai into their workflow, developers can improve the overall quality of their code and benefit from a more productive and efficient development process.


AI code writing assistant for data scientists, engineers, and analysts.


CodeSquire is an AI-powered code-writing assistant that caters to the needs of data scientists, analysts, and engineers. Here are its key features and advantages:

1. AI Code Generation: The tool can translate user comments into code, create entire functions, as well as write SQL queries through simple instructions.

2. Compatibility: CodeSquire supports multiple platforms such as Jupyter, VS Code, Pycharm, and Google Colab.

3. Personalized Code: The assistant automates code tailored to the user’s style and use cases, making programming more efficient, accurate, and personalized.

4. Visualizations and Data Management: CodeSquire can create bar charts, load data frames to AWS buckets, filter, and select data, making data management and visualization a breeze.

With CodeSquire’s robust features, coding for data science professionals has become more efficient and convenient.


Your AI-powered code review assistant.


  • AI-powered code review
  • Automated pull request summaries
  • Time-saving for developers
  • Quickly understand changes

Hey, GitHub!

Write code without the keyboard, just with voice.

Difficulty typing? Use your voice to code without spelling things out by talking with GitHub Copilot.


CodeAssist is an AI assistant / chatbot / copilot for programming. It generates, changes, completes the code and answers questions.


CodeAssist is an AI-powered chatbot interface that allows for natural language communication and code modification in Jetbrains IDEs and Visual Studio Code. Key benefits include accurate code completion, compatibility with all popular programming languages, and more focused responses compared to other chatbots.

  • AI chatbot for IDEs
  • Natural language interface
  • Code completion
  • Language compatibility
  • Concise answers

BlackBox AI

It finds the best code snippets to use while building awesome products!


  • AI-powered autocomplete
  • Seamless search
  • Code extraction
  • Wide compatibility
  • Free sign-up


Refactor code, generate documentation, create unit tests and more.


Refraction is an AI-powered code improvement tool that streamlines the development process, offering multilingual support, automated refactoring and testing, and additional features like code explanations, language conversion, hardcoded literals separation, and style checks.

  • Multilingual support
  • Automated refactoring and testing
  • Ideal for various developers


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