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Legal Assistant


Draft contracts 3x faster with AI-powered Spellbook and GPT-3.

Spellbook Feature:

Draft contracts 3x faster with AI. Spellbook uses GPT-3 to review and suggest language for your contracts in Microsoft Word. Trained on billions of lines of legalese, Spellbook suggests language for your contracts instantly.


Crime reports analytic service for informed residents & visitors.

Activazon Feature:

Activazon is crime report analytic service, designed to keep both residents and visitors informed about activities that happen in their neighborhoods and others.

Legal Robot

Legal Robot provides automated analysis of legal documents & linguistic/statistical analyses to help understand potential issues.

Legal Robot Feature:

Effective legal guidance necessitates a close examination of the law and its relevance to particular scenarios. Legal Robot employs automated analysis to generate information based on your legal documents compared to other legal documents and case law. We also offer linguistic and statistical analysis techniques to illuminate any potential issues in your legal documents.

AI-generated summaries of legal docs to help you understand them. Features:

Detangle is an AI-assisted summarization tool that can effectively summarize video, audio, or text-based content quickly and precisely. Its significant features and benefits include:

– Time-efficient: The tool provides users with the ability to concentrate on essential information, which can save them valuable time and effort.

– AI technology: Detangle is powered by state-of-the-art AI technology that guarantees precise and accurate summarization.

– Simple registration: The tool offers convenient registration methods through Apple and Google sign-up options, with a waiting list available for new users.


Spot high-risk/promising opportunities with exclusive relationship intelligence.

Ferret Features:

The Ferret platform utilizes AI technology to provide relationship insights to its users, allowing them to steer clear of risky individuals and identify potential opportunities. This advanced technology is enhanced by the platform’s due diligence tool, which assists users in making well-informed decisions. Additionally, the platform collects and analyzes visitor behavior data from various sources, such as Cookiebot, Hubspot, Zoho, LinkedIn, Google, and Hotjar.


Generative AI for Intellectual Property.

PatentPal Features:

With its AI-powered capabilities, PatentPal is a valuable tool for those looking to simplify intellectual property applications and the patent drafting process. The software’s key features and benefits include:

One-click drafting: Quickly generate specifications, figures, and claims that can be exported to programs like Word and Visio (or PowerPoint) for further use.
Enhanced visuals: Easily create flowcharts for methods, block diagrams for systems and devices, and detailed descriptions of any figures.
Customizable language: PatentPal enables users to customize generated content according to individual preferences and switch between multiple profiles.

Legalese Decoder

Simplify legal docs to plain language instantly.

Legalese Decoder Features:

Legalese Decoder is a user-friendly web application that utilizes AI technology to simplify complex legal documents. Here are some key features and advantages that come with the platform:

Advanced analysis: It employs artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to analyze complex legal documents with ease.
Comprehensive document support: It supports a wide range of documents, including agreements, contracts, and legal documents associated with investments and raising capital.
Clear and understandable language: Legal jargon is replaced with plain language to make it more easily understood, helping users make informed decisions.
Free and easily accessible: Legalese Decoder is accessible on any web browser, and plans are underway for Android and iOS apps in the future.

State-of-the-art AI for contract review. Features:

Maigon AI is an advanced AI tool that streamlines contract review processes, improving efficiency and accuracy. Some of its key advantages and features include:

Advanced deep learning technology: Optimizes contract review processes, reducing time spent on manual tasks.
Extensive contract support: Maigon AI can review a wide array of contract types, including privacy policies, NDAs, DPAs, product supply agreements, and more.
Tailored modules: It offers contract specific modules that are customized to the user’s needs and an API that is contract type-agnostic.
Real-time compliance reports: The tool provides instant extraction of clauses, highlighted risks, and compliance recommendations, helping users ensure they meet regulatory requirements quickly and efficiently.

Traverse AI™

World’s First AI-Powered Intelligence Tool for Law Clients.

Traverse AI™ Features:

Traverse AI™ is a revolutionary web application developed by Traverse Legal’s proficient AI team, utilizing the advanced Large Language Model (LLM) API state-of-the-art technology from OpenAI. Here are some of the key benefits and features it provides:

AI-assisted platform: The AI-powered platform facilitates seamless collaboration between attorneys and clients for better-informed decisions, enabling them to achieve superior outcomes more efficiently.
Empowerment: By utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, Traverse AI™ empowers clients to navigate through complex legal matters more efficiently than ever before.
Leaders in AI-assisted legal services: Traverse Legal stands out for its commitment to innovation, offering clients access to highly advanced tools for better legal intelligence and decision making.

Ask AI Lawyer

Free legal AI advice within 5 minutes.

Ask AI Lawyer Features:

Ask AI Lawyer is a free-of-charge service that employs cutting-edge AI technology to offer accurate responses to your legal inquiries. The platform boasts the following advantages and features:

Detailed responses: You will get an in-depth answer to your legal query within the span of five minutes.
Latest Questions section: You can easily locate your answer in the Latest Questions section for hassle-free navigation.
Advanced AI technology: Ask AI Lawyer takes pride in utilizing the most advanced AI technology, ensuring precise and accurate answers.
No hidden fees: The service is absolutely free to use, with no concealed fees or charges.


Robot lawyer helps fight corporations and beat bureaucracy.

DoNotPay Features:

DoNotPay is an AI-based platform that offers a comprehensive range of legal services for users. Here are some of the platform’s key advantages and features:

A wide range of services: Users can leverage DoNotPay’s services to cancel free trials, challenge parking tickets, file lawsuits against robocallers, uncover hidden funds and assets, among other things.
User-friendly interface: The platform’s interface is intuitive, enabling users to easily find available services and access practical resources, including legal advice and guidance.
Affordable legal solutions: DoNotPay provides access to legal information and self-help options without requiring users to pay the high costs associated with traditional legal services.

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