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Medical AI software to detect cancer earlier & predict treatment responses.

Lunit Features:

Lunit is a publicly traded organization that creates AI medical software to combat cancer. Detecting cancer early is crucial for survival, and Lunit’s AI cancer screening software enables physicians to identify it sooner. Lunit INSIGHT is capable of identifying anomalous radiological findings on chest x-rays with a precision rate of 97-99%. Majority of these oddities are imperceptible to the naked eye, and without Lunit’s assistance, doctors may miss them. Lunit SCOPE operates using AI to predict potential treatment responses, enabling health professionals to make knowledgeable decisions about patient care.


Skincare app & AI-powered guide to perfect skin with 99.1% accuracy.

AweMyFace Features:

The AweMyFace – Skincare App is a holistic solution for achieving healthy and glowing skin, equipped with state-of-the-art AI-enabled capabilities to assess and enhance skin quality. Prominent features and benefits of the app include:

– AI-driven detection of acne: Highly accurate, with a success rate of 99.1%, in identifying acne and monitoring skin changes
– Tracking of daily routines: Tracks and evaluates daily habits, such as diet, sleep patterns, physical activities, and stress levels, to comprehend their impact on your skin’s vitality
– Progress evaluations: Generates daily, weekly, and monthly reports to track your skin’s progress
– Offline functionality: All functionalities available offline, and user data is safely secured on the device

Hippocratic AI

Free search tool for medical knowledge.

Hippocratic AI Features:

Statpearls Semantic Search is an innovative tool, powered by Artificial Intelligence, that applies semantic searching tactics to procure pertinent information. It offers the following noteworthy features and benefits:

– Semantic searching: Unlike typical keyword searches, it retrieves data by presenting inquiries or inputting phrases
– Data source: Accesses Statpearls, a trusted repository with a wealth of information
– Developed by Hippocratic AI: Constructed with Streamlit, ensuring a user-friendly interface.

Generate a DDx/clinical plan from a short diagnostic problem representation. Features:

Glass AI is a knowledge management system for doctors and medical practitioners, powered by Artificial Intelligence. It is equipped with the following impressive functionalities and advantages:

– Differential diagnosis: Produces a diagnosis or an ideal clinical strategy based on a diagnostic issue representation
– AI-powered: Continuously upgrading accuracy by undergoing extensive research and testing
– Secure and user-friendly: Designed with a seamless user experience for easy navigation in learning and practicing medicine
– Shareable: Facilitates easy sharing of medical knowledge with the public.

Happy Mama

Get instant answers to pregnancy questions.

Happy Mama Features:

HappyMama is created as a chatbot that uses AI technology to provide prompt answers to inquiries of expectant moms. It comes with various benefits such as natural language processing, enabling it to grasp the conversation’s meaning and provide pertinent responses. Moreover, it offers a vast array of topics, including nutrition, delivery, and labor, among others. Additionally, the interface is user-friendly and straightforward, ensuring quick and dependable feedback.

Lavo AI

Lavo AI Features:

Lavo Life Sciences is a fledgling business that delivers computer simulations powered by AI technology to forecast crystal structures of drug molecules. Some of the main features and benefits of this product offering include its ability to conduct rapid analysis of drug behaviors at the atomic level. It also utilizes innovative techniques that specifically address challenges in the industry, leading to reductions in pharmaceutical property prediction costs. Additionally, their AI-driven chemistry capabilities enable accelerated drug development processes compared to the current solutions available.


AI assistant for mental health professionals.

Upheal Features:

The Upheal intelligent platform conveniently records your therapy session in the background, alleviating concern over missing essential conversation details while monitoring body language cues. You can also opt to share therapy notes with a colleague to enable peer reviews, or alternatively, refer back to each client’s session history and insights prior to their next appointment. Each session is meticulously arranged into distinct topics that uncover recurring themes, coping mechanisms, or potential diagnosis markers through unique speech analyses like cadence or therapist/client talking ratios. Upheal adheres to the strictest HIPAA and GDPR guidelines, emphasizing proper pseudonymization by replacing personal data fields with artificial identifiers. They also physically segregate the data before encrypting it with individualized user keys, ensuring the secure manipulation and storage of sensitive data.


Shazam for food

LogMeal Features:

LogMeal Food AI is an all-inclusive solution for food tracking, nutrition analysis, fast restaurant checkout, and food recognition. Some of its notable features and benefits include advanced food recognition- which utilizes deep learning algorithms to identify 1,300 dishes, ingredients, and nutritional information. Additionally, the touchless checkout stirs an impressive customer satisfaction while reducing wait time in self-service restaurants. One can integrate the application’s API capabilities with other applications to enable personal learning and customization. LogMeal also offers real-time consumption analysis that significantly boosts food tracking for diverse demographics such as health-conscious individuals, elderly people, and diabetes patients.


SommerAI is an AI therapist that utilizes evidence-based approaches such as CBT, SFBT, and RRT, as well as life tips, to provide personalized mental health support to individuals through a weekly schedule.

SommerAI Features:

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and NASA psychology research, Sommer AI Mental Health offers a comprehensive and effective approach to improve mental health. The platform provides a range of therapeutic options, including Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) that focuses on finding solutions to current problems and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that addresses negative thoughts and develops coping strategies. Moreover, the platform incorporates NASA Health Onboarding, which provides a broader perspective on mental health beyond therapy. For further information, readers can refer to the articles published on mental health in low Earth orbit and AI therapy versus human therapy.

YourDoctor AI

The AI helper to provide you with health recommendations.

YourDoctor AI Features:

YourDoctor AI is an innovative generative AI assistant that offers users bespoke advice concerning their health. With its user-friendly interface, users can provide details regarding their current situation, after which they can choose the AI assistant’s role to be a doctor and receive personalized guidance. Notable features of this product include AI-based health advice, which ensures that users receive accurate and up-to-date guidance. Additionally, the customizable assistant role empowers users to communicate efficiently and effectively.


Your Personal AI-Powered Mental Health Companion.

MindMate Features:

MindMate is a mental health companion that provides empathetic conversations to help overcome challenging moments. It is readily accessible, operating 24/7 to ensure a friend is always available. Its user-friendly chat interface delivers an exceptional user experience, making expressing emotions a seamless process. It is essential to note that MindMate is not a substitute for professional mental health care.


Read x-ray reports with the help of generative AI and computer vision.

AnalyzGPT Features:

AnalyzGPT is an advanced tool with AI capabilities designed specifically for analyzing x-ray images of hands and legs. This innovative product can identify fractures, detect potential accident scenarios and perform other functions to enhance the analysis process. Notable key features of AnalyzGPT include the ability to analyze x-ray images accurately, resulting in high-quality results. Furthermore, the product uses AI technology to detect fractures and possible accident scenarios that may be hard to identify with the naked eye. Lastly, it’s crucial to point out that AnalyzGPT is a free-to-use tool, making it accessible to a wider audience.

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