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Create AI-generated avatars with your photos using DreamBooth.

DreamPic.AI Features:

DreamPic.AI is an AI-based platform that produces personalized images with a variety of styles. Its essential features and benefits are as follows:

– Personalized images: Upload 10-30 pictures and choose your preferred styles for the images created by AI.
– Reusable trained model: Download and use the trained model once more to generate more images.
– Broad spectrum of predefined styles: It includes a wide range of genres, such as celebrity and art, as well as fantasy and professional headshots.

FormX is a data extraction tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to transform information from physical documents into structured digital data.

Features: is an AI-based tool that automates data extraction from various documents like receipts, bank statements, and identity documents. offers the following key features and benefits:

1. Automated data extraction: uses AI technology to extract data from documents, reducing data entry costs and improving operational efficiency.

2. Reduced human errors: With automated data extraction, minimizes human errors, which may be prevalent in manual data entry.

3. Structured data: provides structured data in JSON or CSV format, which can be used easily by other systems, streamlining the workflow.

4. Effortless integration: can be seamlessly integrated with other software, improving the workflow and saving time.

5. Suitable for all business types: is useful for various businesses such as retail, logistics, finance, telecommunications, and public sectors, looking to automate data extraction processes.

Bardeen AI

Automate manual work with one click! Connect 30+ apps, scrape the web, and boost your productivity.


  • Scrape any website in minutes.
  • You no longer need to know how to build complicated automations or spend hours creating them. will automatically generate custom automation for you.
  • From email, blog articles to videos, connect with your favorite generative AI tools with and automate your content creation process. Or integrate with OpenAI via for writing or summarizing.
  • Pick from 300+ pre-built automations. One-click to activate.
  • With our no-code automation builder, you can connect your favorite apps and complete your manual work in a snap! Simply add actions on a canvas to create custom automation.


Powerful AI that takes care of your daily tasks. Stop manually processing your text, document, and image data. Let AI work its magic, without a single line of code.


  • Automate your email outreach responses
  • Keep your inbox organized and actionable
  • Stop wasting hours on manual analyses of your survey responses. Let Levity learn your customers’ language. Detect positive, and negative answers, understand their feedback, and filter for urgency.
  • Let Levity categorize your emails and remove dozens of hours of work from your shoulders.
  • Levity’s smart tagging engine automatically analyzes product images and classifies them into the categories you need
  • Your customers are telling you what they want from your brand. Levity helps you cut through the noise and prioritize insights – automatically.



Build Your Own AI Apps in Minutes.

GPTAgent makes it super easy and fast to build your own AI applications ranging from chatbots AI, web apps to workflow automation without a single line of code.


  • Build fast web apps for business.
  • Powered by ChatGPT.
  • User-friendly and easy to use.
  • You only need to give descriptions to create your functional apps.


Drippi automates highly personalized Twitter outreach messages & tames your inbox with filters, auto-replies, and more.


  • Drippi automates highly personalized Twitter DMs using AI, so you don’t have to spend hours crafting them.
  • Helps you find leads that match your target audience’s occupation, industry, and interests, allowing you to engage more and search less.
  • AI algorithm analyzes each lead’s profile to create personalized messages, resulting in higher reply rates and better engagement.
  • Drippi sorts lead responses and tracks reply rates, allowing data-driven decisions to improve campaigns and increase ROI.
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