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AI apps for every usecase Features:

Unlock your productivity and creativity with our pre-made tools, designed to cater to a wide range of use cases from product management, marketing, programming, prediction, venture capital, and more.

AI SWOT Analysis

Instant AI-Generated SWOT Analysis for Strategic Company Insights.

AI SWOT Analysis Features:

Get an instant, comprehensive SWOT analysis for your company with the AI SWOT Analysis Generator – the online tool that addresses strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


Discover AI Art, News, and More with Hayo’s Integrated AI Platform

Hayo Features:

Key Highlights:

– Advanced neural network AI art technology incorporates Stable Diffusion technology to create high-quality images from uncomplicated inputs or instructions.
– Hayo AI robot equipped with ChatGPT technology available for creative writing, machine translation, information retrieval, and virtual assistance.
– Recommendations of AI solutions, real-time AI news, and community engagement.


– Designers, artists, and hobbyists can create high-quality images effortlessly using Hayo.
– Professionals and individuals can utilize Hayo AI robot for various tasks such as creative writing, translation, and virtual assistance.
– Stay up to date with the newest AI advancements, obtain AI tool recommendations, and interact with like-minded individuals via the Hayo community.


Building a Competitive Edge: Prompts for All

TeachPrompt Features:

TeachPrompt is a community in China created for knowledge workers, which aims to establish a comprehensive learning and communication platform for the industry. Key advantages and features include:

– Focus on future competitiveness: The platform helps knowledge workers develop skills and expertise that will prove useful in the future job market.
– Learning and communication: The community provides a space for knowledge workers to learn from and interact with one another.
– Industry-wide: The platform is accessible to all knowledge workers, regardless of profession or industry.

TeachPrompt has a variety of use cases, such as:

– Enhancing competencies that will be important for the future employment market.
– Networking with peers in various professions and industries.
– Learning from industry experts and thought leaders.

The AI Times

Stay informed with The AI Times. Get issues sent to your inbox.

The AI Times Features:

Get ahead of the game with The AI Times – subscribe to receive freshly brewed issues straight to your inbox!


Create AI tools in minutes, no code required and share with community.

Pickaxe Features:

Unleash your creativity with Pickaxe – the platform where anyone can create AI-powered tools in just minutes, with no code required. Discover tools made by the community, make your own, and collaborate with others!

AI-generated .com domains Features:

Only.Coms is a tool that utilizes AI to assist users in finding available .com domain names for their projects. Its key features and advantages include:

– AI-powered suggestions: Using ChatGPT, Only.Coms generates relevant domain name suggestions based on natural language input.
– Exclusive .com domains: Only.Coms focuses solely on the most commercially valuable domain extension – .com.
– User-friendly interface: With a user-friendly interface, Only.Coms offers the ease of generating and viewing available domain names based on project descriptions.

Rath by Kanarie

Automate exploratory data analysis.

Rath by Kanarie Features:

Explore multi-dimensional data with ease, thanks to Kanaries RATH – the AI-enhanced data exploration tool. Benefit from an Augmented Analytic Engine, Copilot for Data Exploration, Data Painter, Data Preparation assistance, and Graphic Walker for easy embedding into web and mobile applications.

Build Any AI model without writing a single line of code. Features:

Enhance your styling experience with – the comprehensive library of utility functions designed for styling with Tailwind CSS. With a range of customizable options, accessible categories for padding, margin, grid, pre-defined styling options, and flexible integration into existing projects.

Medium Jailbreak

Tool that allows users to read any Medium Plus article for free.

Medium Jailbreak Features:

This is Medium Jailbreak – a generative AI tool that lets you read simplified version of any article – free or paid, in a single click.


Read any Medium article in any language, including free and Plus articles
Easily accessible and user-friendly


Conversational chat for digital courses powered by GPT-4

Wisdomai Features:

With its conversational chat powered by GPT-4, Generative Wisdom is tailored to offer insights for various purposes, including digital course coaching programs, membership sites, knowledge bases, team meetings, and training. It comes with notable features such as support for digital course coaching programs, the ability to train WisdomAI™ with your content, conversational responses that are fully referenced, and showcase for influencers and thought leaders.


Comprehensive content generation and code fixing with ProMind.AI

Promind Features:

Promind’s capabilities are designed to help users enhance their productivity, enabling them to generate content for various platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and blog posts, effortlessly.

The platform offers a range of versatile content generation features that can be easily accessed via its simplified UI, allowing users to create content with ease. Promind’s capabilities are not limited to content creation; it also offers diverse applications, such as content summarization, email writing, and code debugging.

By simplifying and automating the content creation process, Promind boosts productivity and saves users time and effort.

Overall, Promind is an excellent tool for anyone looking to supercharge their productivity and streamline their content creation process.

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