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KnowledgeGraph GPT


KnowledgeGraph GPT is a web application that utilizes OpenAI’s GPT-3 model to convert unstructured text data into a structured knowledge graph representation.

Use Cases:

Structured Data Generation: Users can input unstructured text data and generate a structured knowledge graph representation.

Visualization: The application allows users to visualize the generated knowledge graph for better understanding and analysis.

Export: Users can export the generated knowledge graph as JSON for further processing or integration with other tools.

Open Source: KnowledgeGraph GPT is available as open-source code on Github, allowing users to contribute to its development and customize it to their needs.

Copyright Protection: The application is copyright protected, ensuring that its code and features are not misused or copied without permission.


Pitch is a versatile and efficient tool for creating impressive presentations, integrating top features from productivity, design, and presentation software. Its intuitive interface empowers teams to design visually stunning decks in mere minutes while collaborating effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • Collaborate in real-time to create and edit presentations.
  • Access beautiful templates designed by professionals.
  • Streamlined workflow with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.


Entrepreneurship can be a daunting journey, but with our toolkit, starting your own business has never been easier. It provides all the necessary tools to craft a compelling pitch deck, establish your company, and gain momentum in the market.

Key Features:

  • Fundraising Kit includes survey, video tutorials, and essential fundraising documents.
  • Investor Database tailored to your business.
  • Expert Assistance for pitch deck writing, design, and financial modeling.
  • Comprehensive Platform combining 10+ tools for a streamlined startup journey.

Virtual Sapiens AI

irtual Sapiens AI is a suite of products designed to assist individuals and teams in improving their video communication skills.

Key Features :

  • Baseline assessment for improvement.
  • In-call Sidekick Coach for real-time feedback.
  • Focus on nonverbal and body language for communication blindspots.
  • Gain an edge in the era of essential video communication.


ChatBA is an AI-based solution that generates slide decks for diverse subjects automatically.

ChatBA Features:

  • Quick slide generation with OpenAI API.
  • Versatile slide generation for various topics.
  • Minimal user input for professional-grade slide decks.

Brian is a versatile AI assistant created to enhance the productivity and efficiency of consultants and business professionals in their daily operations. Features:

  • Simple interfaces for Email and Microsoft Teams.
  • Frictionless and delightful customer experience.
  • Provides tips and suggestions for efficient work.

Decktopus AI

Decktopus AI is a versatile presentation generator that harnesses the power of AI to cater to the needs of various professionals, including sales and marketing managers, founders, agencies, and customer care executives, among others. It offers an all-in-one solution for webinars, conferences, and presentations.

Key Features:

  • Instant presentation creation with AI assistance
  • Effortless theme customization
  • Smart image and icon suggestions
  • AI-generated slide notes and content
  • Streamline presentation creation with Decktopus AI


Superus is a tool that addresses the problem of Information Overload and improves productivity by creating an inclusive “meta-layer” for all tools and contents. Its creator, Victor Zhang, believes that constant context-switching during multitasking impairs productivity and has developed a solution to organize and manage project tasks on this meta-layer. Superus helps users build amazing info maps using AI to turn complex concepts into map-like visuals for better understanding.


AutoSlide is a software tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to quickly produce impressive presentations with minimal effort.

AutoSlide Features:

  • Utilizes GPT-3 for high-quality content generation
  • Provides easy design customization options
  • Supports exporting to multiple formats
  • Offers affordable personal and premium plans


Prezo is a software platform that uses artificial intelligence to assist users in swiftly and effectively producing high-quality slide decks

Prezo Features:

  • Uses natural language processing for speedy slide creation
  • Provides customization options for brand consistency
  • Offers a user-friendly interface for all skill levels

Powerpresent AI

PowerPresent AI is a software tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to rapidly produce visually attractive and polished presentations.

Powerpresent AI Features:

  • AI-powered tool generates presentations from text input
  • Offers a variety of art styles for enhanced visuals
  • Allows for easy export to PPTX or Google Slides


MyReport by alaba a.i. is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence to streamline the process of data gathering and citation for report creation.

Use cases for MyReport are ideal for various professionals:

  • Students and researchers can save time on data collection and citation for reports
  • Business professionals can create well-referenced reports efficiently
  • Content creators can generate accurate and well-cited content
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