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Hair by AI

Hair by AI is an AI-powered hairstyle assistant designed to help women find their perfect look.

Hair by AI Features

  • Realistic hairstyle suggestions: Combines user photos with AI technology for customized recommendations
  • Wide variety: Offers over 550 customized hairstyles across multiple ethnicities
  • Time-saving: Streamlines the process of finding a personalized look
  • Data security: Uses a third-party payment processor and does not store credit card information

FabFab AI

It celebrates the harmonious coexistence of human uniqueness and AI by offering a platform for one-of-a-kind, AI-generated shirts that challenge conformity and hyper-personalization.

Key Features:

  1. A Canvas for the Unconventional: Choose your shirt size, and let our AI craft a unique design just for you. Each creation is individually numbered, ensuring a truly distinctive piece of wearable art.
  2. When Art Meets Quality: FabFab collaborates with top-notch partners to transform your AI-generated vision into a high-quality wearable art piece using premium materials.
  3. Anticipation Meets Satisfaction: Experience the excitement of receiving your FabFab shirt at your doorstep, ready for its grand debut. The suspense is half the fun!

Use Cases:

• Stand Out from the Crowd: Wear a truly unique and artistic piece that reflects your individuality.

• Gift Ideas: Surprise friends and family with a one-of-a-kind wearable art gift that they’ll cherish.

• Support the Artistic Movement: Join the FabFab community in exploring the synergy between human expression and artificial intelligence.


Get fashion advice from AI. Ask questions & dress your best!

FashionAdvisorAI Features:

FashionAdvisor.AI is an AI-based tool that utilizes advanced GPT3 technology to instantly answer fashion-related inquiries. Its primary features and benefits include:

• User-friendly and efficient: Provides quick responses and recommendations for fashion-related questions.
• Natural language processing: Understands user queries and generates precise and accurate responses.
• A vast array of advice: Offers guidance on outfits, color combinations, and more.

FashionAdvisor.AI is suitable for a range of individuals, including:

• Fashion enthusiasts in need of immediate advice and suggestions for their attire.
• Shoppers seeking assistance with outfit matching and color coordination.
• Fashion bloggers and influencers who need to stay current on prevalent fashion trends and questions.

With FashionAdvisor.AI, users can acquire fashion advice with ease and make informed decisions, leading to an enhanced overall fashion experience.


Reduce cost & time of fashion photo creation, with 10x more outputs.

Botika Features:

Botika is a software platform powered by AI that helps online apparel retailers create highly realistic product photos of clothing items. It comes with several key features and benefits:

• Generative AI technology: Creates an infinite variety of on-model images, eliminating traditional photoshoots and their associated costs.
• Ecommerce platform integration: Seamlessly integrates with major ecommerce platforms.
• Broad image diversity: Generates images with a wide range of diversity, including ethnicity, hairstyle, facial expression, and background.

Use cases for Botika are suitable for a variety of apparel retailers, including:

• Online apparel stores that wish to produce high-quality product photos rapidly and affordably.
• Fashion brands that aim to feature inclusive and diverse imagery.
• Ecommerce businesses that aim to optimize photos for various demographics while reducing returns.

Botika offers a groundbreaking solution for the fashion industry by implementing synthetic media to produce realistic and comprehensive images of clothing products.


Prototype fashion designs with AI to visualize product designs before production.

VisualHound Benefits:

Utilize AI to prototype your fashion design concepts. Generate a limitless supply of life-like product images that can be used for mood boards, streamlining your design workflow. Conveniently visualize your product designs before proceeding with production.


Take a picture of a person, then modify clothing or explore fashion using AI.

You can also edit your clothing in under 15 seconds.

This is a new tool so the first feature they’re releasing is editing using prompts, the model detects clothing and replaces it with a new clothing item described by you.

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