Best Free AI Websites


Infinite Drum

The Google Creative Lab’s Infinite Drum Machine is an AI-powered music creation tool that allows users to produce beats using sounds from the world around them. These include contributions from the Philharmonic Orchestra, London, among others.


The Infinite Drum Machine, a brainchild of Kyle McDonald, Manny Tan, Yotam Mann, and other Google Creative Lab members, is an AI tool that lets users produce custom beats using everyday sounds, including samples from the Philharmonic Orchestra, London.

This versatile tool boasts of a vast library of 6330 sounds and an overlay tag system to easily identify specific sounds.

The AI-powered drum machine allows users to create unique and original beats, leveraging technology to enhance creativity.

The Infinite Drum Machine is an open-source project that welcomes contributions from users and offers plenty of learning opportunities through its GitHub repository.

ChatFans is a platform that utilizes AI technology to enable fans to engage in discussions concerning their preferred celebrities through a chatbot interface.

ChatFans Features:

  • Have natural conversations with the chatbot and get personalized responses to questions about celebrities.
  • Utilizes advanced natural language processing techniques to understand and respond to user messages.
  • Provides a means for fans to stay connected and discover more about their favorite celebrities.


StarByFace is an application that utilizes face recognition technology to assist users in discovering their celebrity lookalike or doppelganger.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced facial recognition: Utilize cutting-edge technology to find your celebrity doppelganger.
  2. User privacy: Rest assured your uploaded photos are not stored and are deleted after recognition.
  3. Easy sharing options: Save and share your celebrity match only if you choose to do so.
  4. Personal, non-commercial use: Enjoy this fun app for personal entertainment purposes.


Chat Roulette-Style Experiment: Human or AI-Powered Bot?


The objective is to test users’ ability to differentiate between a human and an advanced AI chatbot during conversations.

The platform is designed on the chat roulette-style where users can interact with random strangers.

The system offers the option to chat with either a human stranger or an AI-powered chatbot.

The system constitutes an interactive experiment that tests the users’ ability to identify if their conversation partner is human or an AI chatbot.

Users get to witness the remarkable and rapidly advancing capabilities of AI technology in real-time.


Learning Articulated 3D Animals by Distilling 2D Diffusion


1. Farm3D is a tool that generates 3D animals from 2D images using a diffusion-based learning approach.
2. This learning approach uses Stable Diffusion to learn articulated 3D animals.
3. Farm3D’s reconstruction network creates controllable 3D assets from a single input image.
4. Generating 3D assets with Farm3D takes only a few seconds, making it fast and efficient.
5. Farm3D is versatile and works with both real and generated input images.

Have I Been Encoded

HaveIBeenEncoded (BETA) is a tool that enables you to discover the information that artificial intelligence (AI) has collected about you and choose to opt-out if you wish.


  • Search your name in AI models
  • Get alerts when your name is found in new AI models
  • Stay updated if answers about you change in the future
  • Receive guidance on data privacy and opting out of Large Language Model answers.


LoopGPT is a test utilizing OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo model that enables individuals to initiate a dialogue between two AI chatbots named John and Jane.


  • Establish the context before beginning the chat
  • Send the initial message and observe the AI create the remainder of the conversation
  • Set a timer prior to initiating the chat
  • Terminate the chat by utilizing the Stop Button or by reloading the page
  • Export the chat history as a JSON file.


GPT-me, developed by Vana, is a chat app that is tailored to encourage natural self-dialogue.

GPT-Me Features:

1. Vana’s GPT-me is a chat app that enables natural self-conversations with some notable features.
2. The app leverages OpenAI’s GPT model for accurate responses in the chats.
3. Users will receive tailored feedback based on their responses, contributing to a personalized experience.
4. GPT-me remembers previous conversations, allowing users to track their progress with ease.
5. The app provides an intuitive user experience, designed to be accessible to anyone looking for personal development.

NSFW Checker

Stable Diffusion is an openly available machine learning picture filter that rapidly and precisely recognizes NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content in pictures.

NSFW Checker Features:

  • Powered by open-source models for compatibility with any image
  • Features a simple user interface for easy upload of PNG or JPG images up to 50MB
  • Modifiable safety checker that can be adjusted for better performance with minimal changes.

Ask My Book

Ask My Book is a tool that uses artificial intelligence technology to simplify the concepts discussed in The Minimalist Entrepreneur book by Sahil Lavingia, making them easier for readers to understand and access.

Ask My Book Features:

1. AskBooks is an AI-powered book summary website with over 2,000 books and authors.
2. Users can engage in interactive conversations with books and authors to uncover hidden insights and ask questions.
3. AskBooks covers a diverse range of themes and genres.
4. The website includes a search function to find specific books or authors.
5. Users can request the inclusion of their favorite books in the collection.


Alethea AI is a research and development studio that focuses on Generative Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies. Their main product, CharacterGPT, is a flagship offering.

Alethea Features:

  • Alethea AI creates interactive characters using natural language descriptions.
  • These characters have distinct appearances, voices, personalities, and identities.
  • The AI Protocol is a decentralized system of smart contracts that governs the ownership, interoperability, and governance of AI characters and assets.

Papers GPT

Feed scientific papers into GPT for deep customized knowledge & arbitrary data connection.


1. The current UX of the project is a proof-of-concept with an end goal of connecting scientific papers to GPT.
2. GPT is an advanced language model with powerful AI technology.
3. Connecting scientific papers to GPT will revolutionize the analysis of scientific papers.
4. The project is still in its early stages, and the current UX is being developed and tested.
5. Connecting scientific papers to GPT will allow users to gain a deeper understanding of research.
6. GPT can analyze information in scientific papers and provide insights and explanations to users.

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