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PitchGrade is an AI-driven solution crafted to assist entrepreneurs in developing persuasive pitch decks for obtaining investments.


  • Hone pitch decks for enhanced funding results
  • Examines crucial components like problem identification, solution, target audience, business strategy, and team
  • Delivers counsel on arranging and incorporating pertinent information
  • Grants access to a library of successful pitch decks for inspiration

PitchGrade is the perfect companion for a wide range of entrepreneurs:

Startup ventures aiming to develop enticing pitch decks to captivate potential investors Business founders seeking to polish their pitch deck for superior funding results Corporate consultants supporting clients in crafting pitch decks that appeal to investors

Introducing, an AI-driven domain name creator tailored to assist users in discovering the ideal business and domain name.


  • Produce countless domain name concepts for your endeavor
  • Verify the availability of various Top Level Domains (TLDs)
  • Future additions such as complimentary SSL certificates, multi-tiered DDoS defense, and sophisticated DNS administration


Maximize the profitability of every restaurant, using AI.


  • Improve your bottom line without relying on guesswork. Next-gen machine learning and artificial intelligence analyzesyour data in real-time, predicting what your business will sell and when you will sell it up to 21 days in advance, with as high as 98% confidence.
  • Based on our predictions, 5-Out recommends real-time staffing and purchasing actions you can take to increase profitability.
  • Tracks weekly and daily performance over time, both on your business and on the accuracy of our projections, empowering you to make more confident decisions.


Introducing Broadn, a customized learning platform employing generative AI to develop distinct, private courses adapted to each learner’s unique style.


  • Harnesses machine learning and natural language processing to tailor content
  • Gain access to subject-specific searches and expert perspectives through interactive dialogues
  • Transforms self-guided learning into a more individualized experience


Simply type in your idea, and the AI will give you daily tailored tasks that teach what it takes to grow your future company.


  • Build with real tools, tailored to your company
  • Employ virtual people, motivate them and grow your team. Just like in real life.
  • Practise your pitching skills and present your company in the best light.

Naming Magic

Introducing Naming Magic, an AI-driven solution crafted to streamline company naming and domain selection.


  • Employs cutting-edge natural language processing to produce inventive company names
  • Input product summaries and keywords to obtain AI-suggested names
  • Developed explicitly for entrepreneurs aiming to ideate company names

Idea Buddy

AI tool that helps you turn your great idea into a successful business.

Whether you are starting from scratch, looking for funding, or wanting to expand, this tool can meet you where you’re at.


Design a business model on a single page

If your idea is in its early stages, and you need to quickly visualize and structure your business model, Idea Plan is the ideal starting point for you.

Use editable templates

Collaborate with others

Share and export to PDF or Word



Where founders find perfect investors.

Get access to 32,000+ verified investors.


Raizer is an AI-powered tool that simplifies the process of fundraising for startups by connecting them with relevant investors quickly and easily. With its comprehensive investor database, startups can access verified and up-to-date information on thousands of VCs and Angel investors.

The platform also generates hyper-specific messages based on various tones of voice, such as Steve Jobs or Elon Musk styles, to ensure personalized communication. Additionally, startups can use Raizer to reach out to investors via multiple channels, including email, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Moreover, the platform facilitates guaranteed introductions to 500+ top VCs, Family funds, and Angel investors, providing startups with the best chance of success.


AI assistant that helps you answer repetitive customer service messages 2 times faster.


Galeby is an AI-powered customer service assistant that renders help in solving repetitive customer service messages in half the time. You can create templates using an array of the most frequent customer messages. This AI assistant suggests the best templates to use when answering a message and prepares the text for you, allowing you to send it swiftly without typing the same thing repeatedly.

Prominent features of Galeby:

– Get the job done 2 times faster while answering repeated questions.
– Compatibility with several apps like Crisp, Freshdesk, among others.
– Enjoy the benefit of private customer support services.
– 50% discount during BETA testing.


Save resources & time by simplifying Workflows with generative AI.


1. SmartflowAI simplifies workflows such as market research, summaries, landscaping and business analysis with generative AI.
2. The use of Generative AI Tech Stack with a range of algorithms, AI models & Data APIs, makes it possible to create unique intelligent flows.
3. The platform offers a variety of pre-built workflows, making work much easier.
4. Companies can save resources and time by utilizing SmartflowAI.
5. The complex tech stack enables SmartflowAI to be effective in various business needs.


Elevate your product strategy with AI-driven user feedback analysis.


  • Visualize feedback trends
  • Demand-driven project creation
  • In-depth data exploration

Arsturn AI

Create a custom ChatGPT for your website in 5 minutes.


Arsturn is an AI-based platform that crawls your website, learns everything about it, and creates a chatbot that accurately responds to user queries. The platform offers several features and benefits, including:

– Automated chatbot creation: The platform generates a chatbot for your website, saving time and effort in the creation process.
– Fine-tuning capabilities: Users have the flexibility to fine-tune and add context to the chatbot to enhance its capabilities.
– Analytic tools: Arsturn includes analytic tools that provide mind-reading insights into user behavior, providing an edge over the competition.
– Easy integration: The chatbot can be easily integrated into your website, allowing users to implement it without extensive coding knowledge.

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