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ProfilePro is a free Chrome Extension designed to optimize Google Business Profiles.

It uses AI technology to automate Google Business posts, generate optimized review responses, and suggest the most SEO-optimized business description for the user’s business.

Use Cases:

Automated Google Business Posts: ProfilePro automates the process of creating and scheduling Google Business posts, saving users time and effort.

Optimized Review Responses: The extension generates optimized responses to reviews, helping businesses maintain a positive online reputation.

SEO-Optimized Business Description: ProfilePro suggests the most SEO-optimized business description, helping businesses improve their visibility on Google.

SEO-Optimized Service and Product Descriptions: The extension provides SEO-optimized service and product descriptions, helping businesses get found by potential customers on Google Maps.

Improved Local Search Results: By managing their Google Business Profiles more effectively, businesses can improve their local search results and attract more customers.


Unique AI Content, Image, and Codes Generator

Create SEO-optimized and unique content for your blogs, ads, emails, and website 10X faster & save hours of work.

Keywords Everwhere

Keyword Research and ChatGPT prompts browser extension.

This tool is verified because it is either an established company or has good social media presence.

Keywords Everwhere Features:

With Keywords Everywhere, users can easily identify long-tail search phrases while also obtaining their precise search volume, cost per click, and competition data. Other features include:

• “People Also Search For” data with volume metrics: Keywords Everywhere conveniently lists the “People Also Search For” and “Related” keywords obtained from Google and Bing alongside the corresponding volume metrics, on the search pages.
• Historical search volume data (from 2004): By utilizing Google Trends, Keywords Everywhere generates monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly volume metrics starting from 2004 for users to view and download.
• Page and website level traffic metrics along with keywords data: By analyzing the top twenty Google search results, users can effortlessly explore the top 5000 keywords that any webpage or website is ranking for, together with the estimated traffic it receives.
• ChatGPT Templates: These are comprehensive prompts that are generated by Keywords Everywhere to help users find and select the best prompts for specific tasks. The tool makes it simple for users to develop the perfect prompt depending on their objectives. Furthermore, users can personalize the prompt’s writing style and tone of voice to reflect their brand’s voice and persona, ensuring the content generated by ChatGPT is to the client’s specifications. The more details you provide in your prompt, the more specific and relevant your generated content will be.

Keywords Everywhere provides a one-stop-shop for users to obtain useful data for their SEO and content development strategies, automating the process and improving efficiency.

SEOmatic AI

Generate SEO pages at scale for more traffic, leads and sales.

Publish more content, drive more traffic and target more long-tail keywords.


  • All of our pages are optimized to load quickly. Search engines will love crawling your website.
  • You won’t have to worry about SEO — we make sure your pages are optimized out of the box with best practices in mind.
  • Publish high-converting landing pages and drive sales for businesses. Lead magnets and opt-in tools are integrated.

AI-powered tool to quickly generate formulas for Google Sheets. Feature:

Available for Google Sheets. Use AI to transform your text instructions into a Google Sheet formula quickly. Has use cases in generating programmatic SEO content, personalized emails and many more.


Produce content quickly & easily to reach business goals.

Scalenut Features:

Produce content that serves your business goals in a simple and scalable way. Guided workflow to complete blog in just 5 minutes!


Free AI blog writing tool to create original content quickly & easily.

BlogNLP Features:

Create captivating content effortlessly with BlogNLP, an AI-powered tool that eliminates writer’s block and offers customizable content tailored to your preferences.


AI-Powered SEO Platform to boost SERPs rankings & organic CTR

CTRify Features:

Boost your website’s rankings with CTRify – an AI-powered SEO platform that offers comprehensive tools, machine learning analysis, and access to global organic traffic from millions of devices worldwide.


Create SEO-friendly content with AI for blogs, websites, and articles.

growthbar Features:

Streamline your content creation process with GrowthBar, the AI-powered writing tool that offers comprehensive AI tools, competitive insights, and a convenient Chrome Extension for efficient long-form content creation and SEO optimization.


ML-generated articles for marketers & SEOs.

Kafkai Features:

Efficiently create SEO-friendly and unique content with Kafkai, an AI Writer Assistant that leverages cutting-edge technology for quick article generation and overcoming writer’s block, while allowing you to scale content marketing with ease.


Create unique, human-quality content quickly for SEO specialists.

pinrewriter Features:

Rank higher on Google with Spin Rewriter – the perfect tool for SEO specialists looking for unique and human-quality content. With ENL technology, watch how you can rewrite a single article into 500 articles in just 45 seconds.


AI writing platform for teams to craft clear, consistent content. Try it free!

Writer Features:

Craft clear, consistent, and on-brand content for your team everywhere with Writer – the AI-powered writing platform. Sign up now and try it for free!

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