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Nextatlas Generate

Pricing Model: Free Trial


  • Nextatlas uses cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology to analyze billions of verbal and visual social media data, providing key insights for brand innovation and marketing strategies.
  • Back your Al generated reporting with powerful Timeline Graphs with predicted growth to understand the evolution of your topics of



AI-powered interface to access and manipulate scientific knowledge.

Galactica Feature:

The attributes of Galactica include being an artificial intelligence that has been trained using humanity’s scientific expertise. It can serve as an innovative platform for accessing and handling our understanding of the cosmos.


Adept: ML research lab building general intelligence through human-computer collaboration.

Adept Feature:

Adept is a research and product laboratory focused on ML, aiming to enhance general intelligence through cooperative creativity between people and machines.


Chat with AskSumo to find cost-effective software alternatives in seconds.

By Noah Kagan

Key Features:

  • Expansive product range
  • AI-driven tool recommendations
  • Top-notch customer assistance
  • The smartest AI personal shopper for software deals




Revolutionize market research using AI.


  • AI brainstorming companion
  • Idea development guidance
  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Customized advice
  • Intuitive user interface


Elicit uses language models to help you automate research workflows


  • Contextual paper search
  • Key information extraction
  • Brainstorming, summarization, classification

YC Funding Assistant

AI tool will answers all your startup & funding related questions through Y-combinator backed data.


  • Comprehensive YC-backed data
  • Addresses startup and funding queries
  • Trusted resource for fundraising insights
  • Assisting founders with funding inquiries


A platform for you to access and understand research papers.

Features :

  • Access and understand research papers easily
  • Provides paper abstracts and direct PDF links for convenience
  • Eliminates the hassle of tedious downloads
  • Built-in GPT assistant to assist and guide users throughout the process.


MirrorThink is an AI tool that helps scientists and researchers find answers to their questions about scientific methods, research, papers, and related topics, in minutes.

Features :

  • Provides quick answers to research questions and methods.
  • Utilizes GPT-4 for reliable and accurate results.
  • Facilitates exploration and analysis of academic work.
  • Performs mathematical calculations and logic.
  • Identifies market trends and creates market segmentations.
  • Integrates with Wolfram and Pubmed for enhanced data and results.
  • Fast and efficient response time.
  • User-friendly and suitable for unlimited scientific research.

AI Toolbox for Innovators

A collection of tools to help you become more innovative.


  • Brainstorm
  • Personalized strategy, without the expensive fees.
  • Get to know your target audience as never before with these personas
  • Peek into the future of your industry with custom-written future scenarios.
  • Get a head start on research with a clear and concise research fit to any big question or topic
  • Unlock valuable insights with a tailored interview script
  • Find your next big opportunity in any topic. Prioritize problems to solve with Opportunity Scores
  • Gain valuable insight into a specific problem with the Problem Understanding Card.
  • Generate 5 different How Might We statements for each problem


Upload any complex files and ask any questions, or summarize for free.


GPT-4 will summarize or extract key insights from any Youtube videos in seconds.

This Chrome extension will extract key learnings from any videos, and translate them in less than a minute.

Eightify Tutorial:

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