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Description is an AI-powered matchmaking tool that helps users find their perfect match. The tool allows users to enter information about their preferences, hobbies, and interests quickly and easily.

Use Cases:

Matchmaking: uses sophisticated algorithms to provide users with several potential matches based on their responses.

Preferences: Users can specify their preferences, hobbies, and interests, allowing the AI matchmaker to find suitable matches.

Ease of Use: The tool is designed to be quick and easy to use, enabling users to enter their information effortlessly.

Efficiency: saves users time by providing them with potential matches quickly, without the need for manual searching.

Personalized Recommendations: Eva, the AI matchmaker, provides personalized recommendations based on the user’s responses, increasing the likelihood of finding a compatible match.

Privacy: ensures user privacy by securely storing and processing personal information.

Jeffrey Célavie


Jeffrey Célavie is a unique platform that combines AI technology and astrology to provide personalized insights and guidance.

It offers users a holistic approach to understanding themselves and their lives, blending the science of artificial intelligence with the ancient wisdom of astrology.

Use Cases:

Personalized Horoscopes: Jeffrey Célavie uses AI technology to analyze astrological data and provide users with personalized horoscopes based on their birth charts.

Life Path Analysis: The platform can provide insights into a user’s life path, helping them understand their strengths, weaknesses, and potential challenges.

Relationship Compatibility: Jeffrey Célavie can analyze astrological compatibility between individuals, offering insights into their relationship dynamics.

Career Guidance: Users can receive guidance on career paths and opportunities based on their astrological profiles and AI analysis.

Wellness Recommendations: The platform can offer wellness recommendations based on astrological insights, helping users maintain balance and harmony in their lives.

Daily Insights: Jeffrey Célavie can provide users with daily insights and advice based on current astrological alignments and AI analysis.


Viggle AI

Controllable Video Generation
Powered by JST-1,
the first video-3d foundation model with actual physics understanding,
starting from making any character move as you want.

MixYou can `/mix` a character image into a motion video

AnimateYou can `/animate` a static character with a text motion prompt

IdeateYou can `/ideate` a video purely from text



Face Swap by Remaker is a free online tool that facilitates the swapping of faces in photographs. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows for easy head replacement in images with just a few taps, and without any intrusive watermarks or advertisements.

Use Cases:

Face Swapping: Users can swap their faces with friends, celebrities, animals, or inanimate objects, allowing for humorous and creative transformations.

Group Photo Corrections: The tool enables users to correct group photos by swapping faces to ensure everyone looks their best.

Recreational Experimentation: Users can use the tool for recreational experimentation with their appearance, creating engaging and humorous content.

Content Creation: Face Swap by Remaker can be used to create humorous videos, memes, and collages, adding a fun element to social media posts and messages.

User-Friendly Interface: The tool’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to swap faces in images, requiring minimal technical knowledge or expertise.

No Watermarks or Advertisements: Face Swap by Remaker offers a clean user experience without any intrusive watermarks or advertisements, allowing users to focus on creating and sharing their content.


Model aims at creating semi photorealistic images, can be used for versatile cases such as animation, photos, fantasy world characters.

RealCartoon-XL: Create Images and Find Inspiration for Semi-Photorealistic Images.

RealCartoon-XL is a powerful AI tool created for generating photorealistic images. It is the perfect solution to those looking to create artwork or animations, or to find inspiration for their art projects. With its semi-photorealistic capabilities, RealCartoon-XL helps to bring an artist’s imagination to life.

Key Features:

  • Create photorealistic images
  • Find creative inspiration
  • Smooth transitions and features

RealCartoon-XL can be used for a variety of purposes. Animators and artists can benefit from its photorealistic capabilities to bring life to their artwork. It can also be used to find inspiration for fantasy worlds, cartoons, and other creative projects. With RealCartoon-XL, you don’t have to limit your imagination.

anime ai

Create your perfect anime picture with AI. Enter the prompt or upload your pictures, choose your style and the system will generate a hundred of personalized photos according to your initial photo and the chosen styles.

Create Perfect Anime Pictures with Anime AI – Create & Edit Images with a Reference Image.

Anime AI is an innovative AI-powered tool that helps you create perfect anime pictures with ease. With one simple prompt or an image upload, you can choose the style and it will generate a hundred of personalized photos you can enjoy. It is a great tool for art and it allows you to easily edit images with a reference image to make them look exactly the way you envisioned.

Key Features: • Generates personalized photos from prompts and uploaded images • Includes an AI-powered image editor for adding reference images • Unlimited combinations of images and styles for endless creative possibilities

Use Cases & Advantages: Anime AI can be used by all kinds of artists looking to create unique images. From illustrators, cartoonists to animators, this tool is great for anyone who wants to create stunning visuals. With its simple platform, anyone can quickly generate an array of rotated, edited, and flipped images. Plus, it offers high-quality images and helps artists quickly create artwork.

AI Emoji Generator

This tool harnesses the power of Stable Diffusion to turn text into distinctive emojis. Accessible for free, enables swift creation of personalized emojis from any text input. It’s a seamless blend of technology and creativity, allowing for the effortless production of unique emojis with just a single click.

AI Emoji Generator: Create Unique Images With Just One Click.

Are you looking for a powerful and creative AI tool that enables you to instantly generate distinctive emojis with a single click? Look no further – AI Emoji Generator is the ultimate tool for harnessing the power of Stable Diffusion to turn text into stunning emojis. This sophisticated, free AI tool allows for effortless, personalized emojis creation in no time.

Key features of AI Emoji Generator: • Instantly turn text into emojis with a single click • Powered by Stable Diffusion technology • Easily generate personalized emojis • Accessible for free

With AI Emoji Generator, you can create stunning, distinctive images to share on social media. It is the perfect tool for aspiring creatives, businesses, bloggers, and social media influencers who want to take their content to the next level. The seamless blend of technology and creativity enables swift and effortless production of unique and striking emojis. With AI Emoji Generator, you can easily make your content stand out and be remembered.


Your chance to ask a question to a big thinker, artist or scientist. Keep in mind that you only have 3 questions every 24 hours, so make them count. You can try in any other language than english, it might understand you.

AskThee AI Tool – Ask Questions, Generate Text and More!

Envision a digital realm where you have an opportunity to interact with influential figures, pose critical questions, and gain insightful responses. That is AskThee?, an innovative AI tool redefining the scope of communication and knowledge. AskThee? is your unprecedented chance to tap into the minds of formidable thinkers, acclaimed artists, or groundbreaking scientists. The catch is, you’re limited to three noteworthy questions every 24 hours, offering an opportunity to delve deep and channel the essence of your curiosity. On top of fluent English comprehension, this tool embraces multilingualism, ensuring no language barriers limit your quest for enlightenment.

The distinct features setting AskThee? apart include its capacity to generate authentic text, ignite interactive engagement in the spirit of fun, and most uniquely, its designed purpose to ask questions. This cutting-edge AI tool’s functionality extends beyond the English language and is receptive to multiple other languages, bridging the language gap and providing a globally inclusive platform.

The potential uses and advantages of AskThee? deliver an unparalleled interactive experience. Utilize it as an enlightening amusement source when in pursuit of fun, transform your usual question-and-answer session into an engaging intellectual exchange with a dash of excitement, or utilize it as a smart tool to craft text contents seamlessly. Regardless of the application, AskThee? guarantees an enlightening, culturally diverse, and entertaining experience. Embrace the novel dimension of amusement AskThee? offers by defining your fun terms and transforming your inquisitive thoughts into an enlightening reality.


GPTGO, formerly known as GooGPT, is the perfect combination of Google’s search technology and the breakthrough artificial intelligence of Free ChatGPT. Inspired by these two leading technology resources, GPTGO has rapidly developed into a reliable and effective search engine.


ChatGPT collaboration: Upgrade your searching experience with ChatGPT’s assistance.

Cost-free: Take advantage of GPTGO without spending a dime.

Multiple languages: Compatible with major languages, catering to users around the world.

Easy to use: Enjoy a hassle-free and effective search approach.

Roast Dating

Get an AI photoshoot done for your dating profile.

Roast Dating Features

– Roast Dating is a platform aimed at improving your success on dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge.
– The service offers profile optimization to attract more matches.
– Roast Dating also provides assistance in selecting the best photos to showcase your personality and appeal.
– Users can expect real feedback to help them make genuine improvements.
– The platform offers data-driven insights and professional advice to optimize your dating app experience.

Unreal Meal

AI-generated images of non-existent meals for recipes & creative projects.

Unreal Meal Feature:

These images showcase an array of AI-generated meals that do not actually exist in reality. There are various applications for these images, including their utilization in recipe innovation and incorporation into artistic projects.

Celebrity Voice Changer AI

Choose any celebrity and change your text into voice with AI

Celebrity Voice Changer AI Features:

With the advanced AI technology, the Celebrity Voice Changer AI application provides an exceptional voice transformation service perfect for transforming user’s voices into celebrity voices or even creating speech from text. Here are some of its key features and benefits:

– Voice transformation: The app accurately replicates celebrity voices giving users the opportunity to personalize their audio and speech.
– User-friendly: Users can easily record their own voice and smoothly convert it into a celebrity-like voice.
– Entertainment and social media: The tool enables users to prank their friends or create eye-catching content for social media.

Overall, the Celebrity Voice Changer AI application delivers a fun and exciting way to indulge in voice transformation in a way that is easy and user-friendly.

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