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ClipMaker is an AI tool that enables users to quickly and easily create short clips from YouTube videos and schedule them on both their TikTok and Instagram channels.

It uses artificial intelligence to generate the clips from the videos, allowing users to save time while ensuring that the clips are visually appealing.

Use Cases:

Content Creation: ClipMaker helps users create engaging content for their TikTok and Instagram channels by generating short clips from YouTube videos.

Time-saving: The tool saves time by automating the process of creating clips, allowing users to focus on other aspects of their content strategy.

Visual Appeal: ClipMaker ensures that the generated clips are visually appealing, helping users attract and retain viewers.

Cross-platform Promotion: Users can easily schedule the clips on both TikTok and Instagram, maximizing their reach and engagement.

AI-powered: The tool uses artificial intelligence to generate the clips, ensuring that they are optimized for each platform and audience.

Type Studio

Automated video-to-text transcription & quick video editing tools.

Type Studio Feature:

Type Studio is a text-based video editor that takes your video and transcribes it into text automatically. They also have quick tools for video editing, subtitles, podcast, repurposing, and recording.


Create contextual content faster & auto-subtitles in 120+ languages.

Contentfries Feature:

Get Dozens of Content Pieces with ContentFries. Create contextual content for weeks or months ahead, faster than ever before. They also have a subtitle creator software – auto-subtitles for 120+ languages and dialects.

Topaz Video AI

Unlimited access to production-grade neural networks for video optimization.

Topaz Video AI Features:

Acquire unrestricted access to the world’s most advanced neural networks, capable of video upscaling, deinterlacing, motion interpolation, and shake stabilization with our comprehensive video optimization toolkit. This state-of-the-art software solution provides workstation-optimized tools for seamless high-quality video production.

Striking Features:

Video upscaling: Improve video resolution, creating images that are crisper and more detailed.
Elimination of interlaced video artifacts: Automatically remove interlacing errors to yield alluring, smooth video playback.
Motion interpolation: Increase frame rates to generate a smoother and more seamless motion in your videos.
Shake stabilization: Reduce shaky footage, achieving a polished, steadier appearance.


Create engaging videos from scripts & blog posts.

Pictory Feature:

Pictory is an AI-powered video creation tool designed for users seeking professional-quality videos without technical skills or software downloads.

Remove video background automatically & free. Feature:

Remove Video Background, 100% Automatically and Free. With Unscreen you can record your footage anywhere, then simply get rid of the background.


Hollywood gets AI-powered color grading with Colourlab AI.

Colourlab Features:

Colourlab AI is an Artificial Intelligence-powered software that facilitates Hollywood-level color grading for diverse users. Its notable features and benefits are:

Smooth incorporation: Integrates without difficulty with prevalent editing software such as DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, or Premiere Pro.
Intelligence-based filters and presets: Provides a wide range of film looks, automates color balancing with one click, and offers a seemingly endless range of options.
Time-efficiency: Automates monotonous editing duties saving time, allowing for more creativity in your work.


Easily dub videos & reach more people with a click of a button.

Dubverse Features:

Dubverse, an online video dubbing platform powered by Artificial Intelligence makes is possible for quick and precise dubbing in 30 different languages. Here are its significant features and benefits:

AI-based script editor: Automates text-to-speech interpretations, making use of machine translation for accelerated dubbing.
Realistic voices: Offers voiceovers for dubbed video that are similar to human-like voices.
Embedded sharing tools: Easy-to-use tools for sharing or downloading subtitles while you’re on the move.
Language specialists on demand: Ensures quality assurance is maintained with the translations.


Cut silences & bad takes, freeing up time to create videos.

Gling Features:

Gling is a video editing tool powered by Artificial Intelligence and created to simplify the workflow for YouTube creators. Its defining features and advantages are:

Automated video editing: Employs machine learning algorithms to automatically recognize and remove silences, mistakes, and disfluencies.
Fast accomplishments: Finishes editing in just a couple of minutes and has export options for XML timelines or MP4 files.
Cost-effective: Grants a free initial video edit and $5 per edit afterward.


Simple video editing tools, powered by artificial intelligence.

Clippah Features:

Designed to aid content creators in rapidly producing captivating videos, Clippah is a video editing tool that operates with the assistance of AI. Its noteworthy features and benefits comprise:

– TikTok Captioning: It automatically designs vertical videos inclusive of captions from small video clips.
– Reels: It extracts notable conversation clips from videos for the creation of engaging content.
– YouTube Video Timestamping: It swiftly produces timestamps for lengthy videos that are to be uploaded on YouTube.
– User-friendly: It comes equipped with an interface that is easy to manipulate, and a complimentary trial phase during its beta period.


AI-powered video editing with voice recognition for fast, engaging content.

Wisecut Feature:

Harness the power of AI to create engaging videos at lightning speed, making video editing smarter and more efficient than ever before.

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