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Arvin is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing tool that provides advanced content creation features for a range of domains.

Arvin Features:

1. Arvin is an AI writing assistant that offers advanced content generation tools for multiple domains.
2. With its ChatGPT prompt generators, Arvin can create content on various topics, including IT, music, business, coding, data analysis, and more.
3. Users can act as different roles, such as a cybersecurity specialist, CEO, and IT architect, to generate tailored content.
4. Arvin offers an AI cover letter generator, which automatically crafts professional and impressive cover letters without any effort.
5. Arvin also provides a Chrome extension for convenient access to content generation tools.


Frase is an AI-driven SEO and writing tool that provides assistance for a range of content creation tasks, available at no cost.

Frase Features:

  • AI writing tools: Content Generator, Outline Generator, Paraphrasing Tool, Blog Title Generator, and more.
  • Unique and engaging content: Each tool is tailored to different content types.
  • Additional resources: Live Product Walkthrough, Blog, Crash Course, and Help Center available for support.


Flawless AI

Create super accurate video dubbing in seconds with undetectable mouth movement.

Flawless AI Features:

  • Create compelling videos for YouTube shorts.
  • It enables the user to bring forth branded, custom videos ten times quicker than manual production.
  • t grants access to multiple templates so as to expedite video creation along with customization.
  • It facilitates text-to-speech, voice recognition, and facial recognition for content that is more engrossing.
  • It allows the generation of videos in any language to cater to a global audience.

Flawless Demo:

Make engaging product videos for your E-commerce store with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Copy your product’s URL and get your product video ready within minutes! Use our Editor to easily make the changes you want. No equipment or editing skills needed. Get your first E-commerce videos for free. Features:

It generates a complete video script, actor, voice-over, music, and imagery from a simple product URL.

Enjoy quick production without the need for expensive equipment or editing skills, customize videos with the user-friendly studio editor, and increase organic search traffic, engagement, and revenue growth with video content.

Wonder Studio

Ease your VFX work with AI

Wonder Studio Features:

Wonder Studio utilizes AI technology to automate animating, lighting and composing CG characters into a live-action scene. The software detects and transfers an actor’s performance to a chosen CG character, automating the bulk of objective VFX work, with remaining subjective work easily exportable.


Automate dubbing with AI in multiple languages.

Papercup Features:

Papercup is a top-notch AI-powered dubbing and video translation software, creating high-quality, human-sounding voiceovers at an affordable price. This platform utilizes AI to transcribe, translate, and create voiceovers quickly and has a dedicated QA team that ensures the quality of the voiceover and makes necessary adjustments.


AI-powered video production platform for fast, personalized content creation.

Shuffll Features:

Shuffll is a cutting-edge video production platform designed to streamline video creation using AI technology. Its innovative features make it effortless for businesses to create personalized, high-quality video content in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods.

Plan My Tour ASAP

With Plan My Trip ASAP, you can enjoy a personalized travel experience tailored to your preferences. Share your desired destination and interests, and it will create a custom itinerary just for you.


Your starter trip planner with the power of AI!

PlanTripAI Features:

Get the perfect travel itinerary for your next trip instantly with AI Trip Planner – an AI-powered trip planner that creates customized travel plans based on your interests, preferences, and budget. With a range of trip preferences to choose from, it generates itineraries in less than a minute, automated and based on AI trained on a vast library of cities, guides, and itineraries, with multiple output formats, easy sharing, and a 100% AI-generated approach.

AI Trip Planner

Create detailed, day-by-day itineraries for any destination.

AI Trip Planner Features:

BuildAI – create AI interfaces effortlessly in minutes with its rapid interface creation based on your provided descriptions, eliminating the need for manual coding. With reference apps to guide and easy embedding for seamless integration, BuildAI enables custom branding to complete the experience.


Subtxt is a writing tool that enhances your natural outlining process, rather than hindering it, by utilizing advanced AI technology to help you organize your ideas effectively and intuitively.

Neural Canvas

Neural Canvas is a cutting-edge digital illustration generator service powered by AI, enabling you to create truly unique illustrations. Its key features and advantages are as follows:

  • Wide Range of Styles: With 100+ styles and moods to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for any storytelling need.
  • AI-Generated Illustrations: You will receive a total of 100 illustrations, including one e-book and one illustration for each sentence you provide.
  • Movie Generation: Transform your story into a stunning visual movie format.

Neural Canvas is ideal for various creative pursuits, including:

  • Aspiring AI Writers: It helps those looking to publish their first e-book with AI-generated illustrations.
  • Content Creators: Convert your stories into comics, blog posts, graphic novels, and more.
  • Artists and Illustrators: AI provides inspiration and assistance for their projects.
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