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A two-stage text-to-3D generation model. The first stage uses diffusion model to quickly generate candidates. The second stage refines the assets chosen from the first stage.

3DTopia – Streamlined Text-to-3D Generation of Objects, Scenes and Characters

Unleash the power of artificial intelligence with 3DTopia, an innovative two-stage text-to-3D generation tool that stands revolutionizing the way we create and manipulate 3D objects. It is a product that simplifies complexities and redefines boundaries, setting the standard for next-generation 3D modeling.

3DTopia makes use of a groundbreaking approach based on a diffusion model that swiftly generates candidates in the first stage. As an advanced AI tool, it then gets down to refine the selected assets in the second stage, enhancing details to extraordinary precision.

Key features of 3DTopia that bring cutting-edge functionalities on your creative table are:

  • Two-stage Text-to-3D Generation: Incorporates a carefully designed model for smooth conversion from text to 3D, ensuring recorded fast and efficient outcomes.
  • Diffusion Model: Leverages this model to produce impressive 3D candidates promptly in the first stage.
  • Refinement Stage: Scrutinizes and polishes the initial 3D designs in the second stage, highlighting even the minutest features rendering them eminent.

Turn your words into a visual extravaganza with 3DTopia. It opens a new world wherein creators can manifest 3D objects, scenes, and characters using the tool’s intuitive interface and advanced technology. It is particularly beneficial for professionals working in the technological realm of 3D modeling for game designing, architectural visualization, animation, virtual reality, and much more.

Utilizing 3DTopia reduces complexity, saves time, enhances work efficiency, and boosts productivity. It really is a tool for those who want to take their creations to another dimension. The complexities of 3D modeling become manageable tasks with 3DTopia, enabling users to streamline their workflow and augment the creative process.

To summarize, 3DTopia, as an AI-powered tool, brings in the future of 3D object creation today. The tool’s two-stage diffusion and refinement model leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating detailed and factual 3D objects, characters, and scenes. This extraordinary advantage coupled with its technologically advanced features offers a competitive edge for users in this fast-paced 3D world. Become a pioneer in 3D object creation with 3DTopia, where the only limit is your imagination.


This tool makes AI technologies accessible for all to experiment with. You’ll find transformative AI audio instruments that will spark endless creative possibilities. It is a go-to platform for you to share real-time AI audio processing models with potential users in the audio production community.

Neutone: Transforming Audio Production with AI-Powered Audio Analysis and Creation Tools

Neutone is an avant-garde AI tool poised to revolutionize the music and sound design realm. Bundling highly advanced AI capabilities into a user-friendly interface, Neutone ensures anyone, regardless of their technical expertise, can tap into the realm of artificial intelligence. Offering transformative AI audio instruments, it fuels limitless creative inspiration and evolution.

At the heart of Neutone sits a host of standout features designed to streamline your music and sound design processes. The AI tool is engineered to analyze audio with a finesse unheard of before. It transforms the way you understand, break down, and work with sounds, allowing you to dive deeper into the intricacies of audio design. More so, it doesn’t just help you understand sound, it empowers you to create it. Neutone opens up a world of possibilities, acting as the catalyst in translating your aural imagination to reality.

Neutone’s applications span across multiple scopes, making it an indispensable tool in a myriad of situations. You first stop when looking for a smart, creative hand to breathe life into your sound design work. Neutone is also an invaluable asset to the music production community, offering a unique platform for the real-time AI audio processing models. Thanks to Neutone, sharing these models with potential users within your community is now as easy as a few clicks. Besides being a creative powerhouse, Neutone brings a competitive edge to music and sound design, casting out traditional time-consuming methods, and bringing speed, preciseness, and creative autonomy to the table.

In the ever-evolving field of Music and Sound Design, Neutone is your reliable partner that gives you the opportunity to experiment with AI technologies. A realm that was once daunting and inaccessible for many, is now open and ready to propel your audio production and design to another level. Immerse yourself in the endless creative possibilities sparked by Neutone. Experience the future of audio creation and sharing today!

Basic Pitch

A lightweight yet powerful audio-to-MIDI converter with pitch bend detection. Provide a compatible audio file and this tool will generate a MIDI file, complete with pitch bends. Basic pitch is instrument-agnostic and supports polyphonic instruments, so you can freely enjoy transcription of all your favorite music, no matter what instrument is used.

Basic Pitch – AI-Powered Audio Analysis and MIDI Generation Tool

Unleashing a musical innovation is Basic Pitch, an instrumental AI tool that revolutionizes the way you perceive and interact with music. Known for its lightweight nature yet packing significant power, Basic Pitch is an audio-to-MIDI converter with an impressive feature — pitch bend detection. By providing a compatible audio file, this intelligent tool is primed to generate an intricate MIDI file, equipped with compelling pitch bends. Arguably, Basic Pitch’s brilliance lies in its ability to support a variety of instruments and deliver polished transcription of your treasured music seamlessly, regardless of the instrument used.

The unique bouquet of features Basic Pitch comprises of:

  • A functionally sound audio-to-MIDI converter.
  • An ingenious pitch bend detection system for enhanced sound design.
  • An ability to support polyphonic instruments, making it instrument-agnostic.
  • A chance to create and analyze audio with a focus on intricate musical details.

Picture the potential of Basic Pitch in the sphere of Music and Sound Design. Imagine creating your own audio, shaping and molding the sound waves with top-notch precision to produce a unique and captivating piece of music. Analyze audio layers with remarkable finesse, delve into the depths of wavering sounds, epitomizing the core of sound design.

The benefits it offers to its users are unparalleled as the possibilities of creating top-tier professional music pieces become limitless. One can effortlessly breathe life into ideas and reflect them through audio. Moreover, because Basic Pitch supports a plethora of instruments, musicians and artists need not limit their creativity constraints tied up to specific instruments.

With Basic Pitch, the world of music opens up like never before. It enlivens the audio designing process, breaking down complex barriers and simplifying the art of creating and analyzing high-grade audio. Tap into the captivating universe of music and sound design, with Basic Pitch serving as a key to a treasure chest full of infinite possibilities. Whether for professional usage or merely to relive your musical fantasies, Basic Pitch undeniably stands as a game-changer in the realm of sound design.


This platform give people the tools, knowledge and expert support they need to help them buy and finance their homes. Your mortgage, legal work and property survey – all in one, peaceful place.

Habito – Powerful AI Tool for Home Buying Support, Data Analysis and Visualization

Discover Habito, the premier Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tool, designed to streamline the convoluted tasks involved in buying and financing a home. Utilizing AI’s far-reaching capacity, it furnishes users with all they need to seamlessly secure a mortgage, conduct property surveys and legal work, all in one singular platform. Custom developed to assuage the stress of home buying, Habito poses as your hassle-free, tranquil solution.

With Habito, you’re not just dealing with a mere platform, you’re unlocking a plethora of features that strategically align to meet your unique home-buying needs. Key features include:

-A cutting-edge data analysis feature which studies your financial status and offers the best suited mortgage options. -Exceptional data visualization capabilities to represent complex mortgage and finance-related statistics in an easy-to-understand format. -Robust expert support system to guide you throughout your home buying journey. -A single unified platform for your mortgage, legal work, and property survey – providing a comprehensive, stress-free home buying experience.

The potential applications and benefits of leveraging Habito are bountiful. With the tool’s ability to analyze and visualize data, you can gain greater insights into your mortgage options, vastly improving your financial decisions. Furthermore, Habito is perfect for individuals in the finance sector looking to streamline their property-related tasks. With all processes handled in one encompassing platform, it reduces the time and effort typically associated with home buying.

Moreover, its benefits aren’t limited to mere time efficiency. Through the use of Habito, users can avoid potential errors and oversights that may occur during the manual management of mortgage, legal and property survey tasks. This ensures a more accurate, efficient, and productive process, affording you the peace of mind that all tasks will be completed systematically and accurately.

Ultimately, Habito integrates an exhaustive variety of processes and tasks into one straightforward, user-friendly platform. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, the tool’s analytical prowess, visual data clarifications, and expert support system promise intricate detail-handling and consistently high levels of accuracy. Experience a calm and serene home buying journey with Habito.

Netus AI

A powerful AI-driven Paraphraser, Summarizer and AI Detector

Corrector App

Check text with online spell checker.


This online spell checker highlights any mistakes or grammar issues in your text and provides suggestions for improvement. Simply click on the corrections to make changes and learn from the grammar explanations provided.



Rewriteit AI

ReWrite is a content tool that enables users to swiftly and effortlessly revise any written material and produce exceptional pieces that showcase their distinct voice and style.

Rewriteit AI Features:

  • Versatile tool for use on various types of written content.
  • Improves communication with better sounding e-mails and greater confidence.
  • Enhances writing skills by helping users rephrase or summarize in a concise, understandable way.
  • Improves language learning with better vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar, and proofreading.
  • Easy to use with just one click.


UndetectableGPT is an AI-powered writing tool that creates articles specifically designed to evade detection by other AI systems. Users can choose from various writing styles, mix them together, and customize the output, making it a versatile content creation solution.

Key Features:

  • UndetectableGPT generates articles that bypass AI detectors
  • Offers various writing styles to choose from
  • Mix and match styles to achieve the desired tone
  • Customize the word count for generated content
  • Utilizes advanced AI technology with OpenAI GPT-3 API.

Genmo AI

Fantastical video generation with AI

Genmo AI Features:

Genmo employs AI technology to create engaging videos from text. Some of the prominent features and benefits include:

– Text-based video creation: Utilizes natural language processing, image recognition, and machine learning algorithms to produce videos from text.
– Customization: Offers a range of options for background colors, characters, music, and more, to provide a personalized touch to the videos.
– Multiple formats: Allows for video distribution on various social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
– Versatile applications: Ideal for creating a range of videos, including marketing campaigns, educational materials, explainer videos, and more.

Genmo presents several use cases that cater to different requirements, such as:

– Businesses and organizations that need affordable and compelling video content.
– Educators and trainers who want to develop visually attractive educational materials.
– Content creators looking for a quick and efficient way to produce videos from text.

In general, Genmo provides an effective solution for people and organizations aiming to create engaging videos from text in a swift and economical way.


Roll is a powerful AI video platform that enables users to create professional-quality videos using just a smartphone and a browser. Roll eliminates the need for expensive equipment, studios, and complex editing software, making video production faster and more accessible.

Features :

  • Capture clear and natural conversations with directional audio and noise cancellation.
  • Create videos with multi-camera shots, including wide and closeup views, without the need for multiple devices.
  • Add professional camera movements like dolly, crane, and pan.
  • Enhance your videos with ready-to-use visual effects.
  • Save time with automatic, professionally produced multi-camera video editing.
  • Directly publish videos to social media with automatic reformatting.



Cut silences & bad takes, freeing up time to create videos.

Gling Features:

Gling is a video editing tool powered by Artificial Intelligence and created to simplify the workflow for YouTube creators. Its defining features and advantages are:

Automated video editing: Employs machine learning algorithms to automatically recognize and remove silences, mistakes, and disfluencies.
Fast accomplishments: Finishes editing in just a couple of minutes and has export options for XML timelines or MP4 files.
Cost-effective: Grants a free initial video edit and $5 per edit afterward.


Edit videos using prompts.

Pix2Pix Feature:

Edit videos using prompts. Apply Instruct Pix2Pix Diffusion to a video.

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