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InSummary is an automation tool that streamlines work processes by connecting with your calendar and automatically generating AI-powered performance reviews and status reports.

This saves users time and effort in creating these reports manually.

Use Cases:

Time-Saving Reports: InSummary saves time by automating the generation of performance reviews and status reports.

Calendar Integration: The tool seamlessly integrates with your calendar, ensuring that reports are generated based on your schedule and events.

AI-Powered Insights: InSummary uses AI to provide valuable insights and recommendations in the generated reports.

Efficiency: By automating these tasks, InSummary allows users to focus on other important aspects of their work.

Customization: Users can customize the reports generated by InSummary to suit their specific needs and requirements.



LoopCV is the first platform that fully automates the job search process. Users can upload their resume (CV), define their job search parameters (job title, location, and extra filters), and automate the process of applying to new jobs every day.

LoopCV aims to streamline the job-hunting process, allowing users to spend more time learning and gaining new skills.

Use Cases:

Efficient Job Search: Automate the process of applying to new jobs daily, saving time and effort.

Customized Job Alerts: Receive notifications for new job opportunities that match your criteria.

Focus on Skill Development: Spend more time on learning and improving skills rather than searching and applying for jobs.

Increased Job Application Rate: Increase the number of job applications submitted daily, enhancing your chances of finding the right job.

Personalized Job Recommendations: Get personalized job recommendations based on your resume and job preferences.

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