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Studio Neiro

Studio Neiro is an AI video maker that allows users to convert text to captivating videos. It offers a variety of features, including text-to-speech, avatar creation, and the ability to select from portrait or landscape video formats. Studio Neiro also offers a coin-based pricing system, allowing users to pay only for the minutes they need.

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MathGPT Pro

MathGPT Pro is an advanced AI tool designed to support users in solving complex mathematical problems. By leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced problem-solving algorithms, MathGPT Pro enables users to tackle intricate math challenges with ease.

The tool provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to sign in and access their MathGPT Pro accounts for personalized mathematical assistance.

Use Cases:

Academic Support: Assist students in solving advanced math problems for their coursework, assignments, and exams.

Research Aid: Help researchers perform complex mathematical computations required in various scientific studies and experiments.

Professional Use: Support engineers, data scientists, and other professionals in solving mathematical problems related to their work.

Learning Enhancement: Provide additional learning resources for individuals looking to improve their math skills and understanding.

Tutoring: Serve as a resource for tutors to help explain and solve difficult math problems for their students.


Lede is an advanced AI-powered tool designed to generate in-depth, well-researched articles on any topic. It performs real-time research by finding relevant content on the web, summarizing it, and using this information as the basis for writing comprehensive articles.

This approach ensures that the generated content is accurate, detailed, and tailored to the user’s needs.

Lede is ideal for freelance writers, bloggers, and content marketers who require high-quality, in-depth content for their projects. By mimicking the writing process of human writers, Lede ensures that the content it produces is engaging, informative, and well-structured.

Use Cases:

Freelance Writing: Generate detailed articles on various topics to meet client requirements and deadlines efficiently.

Blogging: Create well-researched blog posts that provide valuable insights and information to readers, boosting engagement and traffic.

Content Marketing: Develop comprehensive content marketing materials that effectively communicate brand messages and drive conversions.

Research Projects: Produce thorough research articles that synthesize information from multiple sources, saving time and effort.

SEO Content: Generate SEO-optimized articles that help improve search engine rankings and increase organic traffic.

Educational Resources: Create informative articles and guides for educational purposes, catering to students, teachers, and lifelong learners.

Industry Reports: Compile in-depth industry reports and whitepapers based on the latest research and data, providing valuable insights to stakeholders.

NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI

NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI – AI Image Generator by N00MKRAD is a powerful tool for Windows users to generate AI images on their own GPU for free. The tool includes all necessary dependencies, eliminating the need for complicated installation processes.

It supports both text-to-image and image-to-image (image+text prompt) generation, as well as instruction-based image editing. Users can utilize features like attention/emphasis and negative prompts, and run multiple prompts simultaneously.

The tool also comes with built-in features for image viewing, upscaling, face restoration, and prompt history. Additionally, it supports loading custom concepts, creating seamless images, and offers a variety of user experience (UX) features to enhance usability.

Use Cases:

Creative Projects: Generate unique and customized AI images for art projects, graphic design, and digital content creation.

Image Editing: Use instruction-based editing to refine and enhance existing images with specific prompts and adjustments.

Concept Visualization: Load custom concepts to visualize ideas and prototypes in a visual format.

Marketing Materials: Create high-quality images for marketing campaigns, social media posts, and promotional content.

Face Restoration: Improve and restore facial features in photos for better clarity and detail.

Artistic Exploration: Experiment with various prompts and styles to discover new artistic possibilities and inspirations.

Seamless Image Creation: Produce seamless images for backgrounds, textures, and other design elements.

AI Trip Planner

AI Trip Planner is a travel planning tool designed to help you plan your next vacation with ease. It provides detailed, customizable schedules for your chosen travel destination, with itineraries spanning up to 10 days.

For example, users can receive a 4-day schedule for visiting Barcelona, which can be tailored to their specific needs and preferences. AI Trip Planner is powered by, a platform that enables users to easily create applications and services.

Use Cases:

Vacation Planning:¬†Create a comprehensive travel itinerary for your vacation, whether it’s a weekend getaway or a 10-day adventure.

City Tours: Get detailed schedules for city tours, including must-see attractions, local dining options, and hidden gems.

Custom Itineraries: Customize the provided schedules to fit your travel style, interests, and pace.

Travel Research: Use AI Trip Planner to research destinations and plan activities, ensuring you make the most of your trip.

Family Vacations: Plan family-friendly activities and accommodations for a hassle-free vacation experience.

Business Travel: Optimize your business trips with well-organized schedules that balance work and leisure.


BrowseGPT is a Chrome extension that uses AI to automate web browsing. Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 model, it processes web pages and performs actions like clicking, entering text, and navigating based on user instructions.

Use Cases:

Finding Accommodations: Search for places to stay in specific locations on selected dates.

Online Shopping: Automate purchasing tasks, such as buying books on Amazon.

Research: Gather information from multiple sources with minimal manual effort.

Booking Travel: Automate the booking of flights, hotels, and other travel arrangements.

Filling Forms: Automatically fill out forms on various websites.

Social Media: Navigate and interact with social media platforms for automated tasks.


Upscayl is a free and open-source AI tool designed for image upscaling. Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, Upscayl enlarges or upscales images, enhancing their size and clarity without losing essential details.

The tool is compatible with multiple operating systems, including MacOS, Linux, and Windows, and features an intuitive interface that allows users to upload images, select the desired upscale factor (2x, 4x, or 8x), and perform the upscaling process.

Use Cases:

Photography: Enhance the resolution of photos without losing quality.

Print Media: Prepare low-resolution images for high-quality printing.

Digital Art: Improve the quality of digital artwork for professional use.

E-commerce: Enhance product images for better display on online platforms.

Social Media: Upscale images to maintain quality when sharing on social media.

Historical Preservation: Restore and enlarge old photographs for archival purposes.



Isaac is an AI-first text editor designed specifically for academic writing. It offers an intuitive and user-friendly writing experience, aiming to make the academic writing process more satisfying.

With over 12,230 researchers and students already signed up, Isaac is particularly beneficial for writers seeking to enhance their writing productivity and achieve better results.

The tool features an AI-powered grammar and language checker, which helps ensure accurate grammar and spelling, making it especially appealing to non-native English speakers.

Use Cases:

Academic Research Papers: Isaac helps researchers draft, edit, and refine their research papers with ease, ensuring high-quality language and structure.

Thesis and Dissertations:¬†Graduate students can streamline the process of writing their theses or dissertations, benefiting from Isaac’s AI-powered language checker.

Journal Articles: Academics can use Isaac to create well-written journal articles, enhancing their chances of publication.

Grant Proposals: Researchers can craft persuasive and well-structured grant proposals, increasing their likelihood of securing funding.

Coursework Assignments:¬†Students can improve the quality of their essays and assignments, achieving better grades with Isaac’s writing support.

Peer Reviews: Academics can use Isaac to write clear and constructive peer reviews, contributing effectively to the academic community.



Instant is an AI-powered presentation tool designed to help users effortlessly create visually-engaging slides in Google Slides.

Offering a user-friendly interface, Instant eliminates the need to learn complex presentation software, seamlessly integrating with Google Slides.

The tool provides hundreds of professional-grade slide templates, enabling users to create powerful infographics and visuals with ease.

The process of generating presentations with Instant is simple and efficient: users can customize the style of their slides by choosing colors and fonts that match their branding, select the desired presentation length and type, and briefly describe the topic.

Use Cases:

Business Presentations: Quickly create professional and visually appealing presentations for business meetings, proposals, and reports.

Educational Lectures: Teachers and students can generate engaging slides for lectures, projects, and presentations, enhancing the learning experience.

Marketing Pitches: Marketers can design compelling pitch decks and promotional presentations that effectively communicate their message and brand.

Project Updates: Teams can efficiently produce informative project update presentations, keeping stakeholders informed and engaged.

Event Planning: Event organizers can create visually stunning presentations to outline event schedules, speaker information, and other important details.

Training Sessions: HR and training departments can develop clear and impactful training materials, ensuring effective knowledge transfer.

Free Music Demixer

Free Music Demixer is an AI-based music demixer that allows users to separate different instruments from a music recording into stems. This web application is accessible for free and has no usage limits.

The demixing process is performed using the Open-Unmix AI model with UMX-L pretrained weights, running locally in the user’s browser without storing any data.

Users can load a song onto the demixer and decompose it into bass, drums, vocals, other, and karaoke using the AI model. While it performs well on computers, it may run slowly on smartphones.

Use Cases:

Instrumental Separation: Users can isolate individual instruments from a music track, making it easier to study or remix specific parts.

Karaoke Creation: By separating the vocals from a song, users can create karaoke tracks for personal use or events.

Music Production: Producers can extract different stems from a track to remix, sample, or rework in their own compositions.

Educational Purposes: Music students and educators can use the tool to analyze the components of a song for better understanding and learning.

Practice and Performance: Musicians can practice along with specific instrument stems or create backing tracks for live performances.

Audio Analysis: Researchers and audio engineers can use the separated stems for detailed audio analysis and experimentation.


Archie is an AI-driven tool designed to revolutionize the digital product design process. It enables users to rapidly transform ideas into actionable specifications, detailed designs, and application architecture plans.

This versatile tool supports both solo work and collaboration with Archie’s professional product designers. By inputting a simple description of their idea, users can leverage Archie’s AI to generate schematic representations, driving rapid concept development.

Archie utilizes AI and extensive encoded software design experience to enhance and expand user ideas into detailed, functional, and technical plans. Powered by multiple large language models specializing in different parts of the product lifecycle, Archie provides intelligent, fast, and streamlined processing.

Use Cases:

Rapid Concept Development: Users can quickly turn their ideas into detailed schematic representations, accelerating the initial stages of product design.

Collaborative Design: Archie facilitates collaboration with professional product designers, allowing for refined and enhanced design processes.

Technical Planning: The tool generates comprehensive application architecture plans, helping users outline the technical aspects of their projects.

Detailed Specifications: Archie translates user ideas into actionable specifications, providing a clear roadmap for product development.

Idea Enhancement: The AI enhances and expands upon user input, delivering detailed and functional plans that go beyond initial concepts.

Streamlined Workflow: By using multiple large language models, Archie ensures fast and efficient processing throughout different stages of the product lifecycle. is an online platform that empowers users to create comics using AI-powered tools.

By leveraging machine learning algorithms, the tool generates artwork based on the user’s input and preferences, making it simple and efficient to bring stories to life.

The page designer feature allows users to create custom layouts and designs, whether for classic superhero-style comics or unique, personalized styles.

With options for manga and anime styles, offers multiple artistic choices. The AI-powered art generator creates variations of each image for every panel, enabling users to select the best fit for their story.

Use Cases:

Storytelling Enhancement: helps users visually enhance their storytelling by generating custom artwork tailored to their narrative and style preferences.

Creative Expression: Users can explore their creativity by designing comics in various styles, including classic superhero, manga, and anime, without needing advanced artistic skills.

Educational Tools: Educators can use the platform to create engaging and visually appealing educational comics, making learning more interactive and fun for students.

Marketing and Branding: Businesses can utilize to develop unique and captivating comic content for marketing campaigns, social media posts, and branding purposes.

Fan Fiction Creation: Fans of existing stories and characters can create their own fan fiction comics, bringing new adventures to life with customized artwork and layouts.

Rapid Prototyping: Writers and artists can quickly prototype and visualize their comic ideas, iterating on their concepts with the help of AI-generated art.

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