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Series of multilingual large language models, independently developed by Shenzhen Yuanxiang Technology. 65B model has been thoroughly trained on a diversified and high-quality dataset consisting of 2.6 trillion of tokens, including more than 40 languages such as Chinese, English, Russian, and Spanish. The sampling ratio of different types of data is finely set, which makes the performance of Chinese and English excellent, and also takes into account the effect of other languages. Also it have Code data of different programming languages.

XVERSE AI Tool: Analyse Text, Create Text, Build Models, Chatbot, Write Code.

Introducing XVERSE – a powerful AI tool designed by Shenzhen Yuanxiang Technology that comes with a series of multilingual large language models! With the 65B model being thoroughly trained on a high-quality, diversified dataset with 2.6 trillion of tokens, XVERSE offers excellent performance in 40 different languages, including Chinese, English, Russian, and Spanish. The sampling ratio for different types of data has been optimized to balance the performance of Chinese and English with other languages. Moreover, XVERSE supports programming language code data, making it an ideal tool for AI writing, ML and more.

Key Features of XVERSE:

  • Series of multilingual large language models
  • 65B model that covers 2.6 trillion tokens
  • Supports 40 different languages
  • Sampling ratio finely set for optimal performance of all languages
  • Supports programming language code data

Possible Use Cases & Advantages of XVERSE:

  • AI writing, ML and more
  • Easily analyse, create, build and train models
  • Develop chatbot with natural language processing
  • Create and write code for different programming languages
  • Offers excellent performance across 40 different languages with advanced optimization of sampling ratio of different types of data


Tool was created to give people a new way to express themselves, share their curiosities, explore new ideas, and experience a trusted personal AI. It is built on world-class proprietary AI technology developed in-house. Its experience is intended to prioritize conversations with people, where other AIs serve productivity, search, or answering questions and it is a coach, confidante, creative partner, or sounding board.

Introducing Pi, Your Personal AI.

Introducing Pi – an AI tool that allows people to explore new ideas and express themselves like never before. With its proprietary AI technology, Pi is designed to prioritize conversations with people, rather than serving basic tasks such as productivity, search or giving answers. This AI tool works like a coach, confidante, creative partner or sounding board and provides a unique way to socialize, exchange ideas, and express yourself freely.

Key Features:

  • Analyse text
  • Create text
  • Analyse data
  • Chatbot
  • Transform text to speech

With Pi, you get the power of a virtual assistant and so much more. You can use Pi to easily analyse text, create text, analyse data, setup a chatbot, and transform text to speech. As such, Pi provides a unique opportunity for anyone looking to engage in meaningful conversations and further explore their curiosities in the world. With Pi, you get the power and convenience of a digital assistant, with the added advantage of AI technology.


Model aims at creating semi photorealistic images, can be used for versatile cases such as animation, photos, fantasy world characters.

RealCartoon-XL: Create Images and Find Inspiration for Semi-Photorealistic Images.

RealCartoon-XL is a powerful AI tool created for generating photorealistic images. It is the perfect solution to those looking to create artwork or animations, or to find inspiration for their art projects. With its semi-photorealistic capabilities, RealCartoon-XL helps to bring an artist’s imagination to life.

Key Features:

  • Create photorealistic images
  • Find creative inspiration
  • Smooth transitions and features

RealCartoon-XL can be used for a variety of purposes. Animators and artists can benefit from its photorealistic capabilities to bring life to their artwork. It can also be used to find inspiration for fantasy worlds, cartoons, and other creative projects. With RealCartoon-XL, you don’t have to limit your imagination.

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