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AI Room Styles


AI Room Styles is an innovative software that harnesses artificial intelligence to revolutionize home design. It enables users to effortlessly transform their room photos into a variety of design styles with simple clicks.

Tailored for homeowners, real estate agents, and interior designers, AI Room Styles offers a seamless experience in visualizing and customizing interiors with an array of modern, Asian, eclectic, and traditional themes.

Use Cases:

Home Makeover Magic: AI Room Styles can take any ordinary room and transform it into a design masterpiece, offering over 40 free renderings to choose from. This allows homeowners to experiment with different aesthetics before committing to a redesign.

Real Estate Staging: The AI-driven customization of AI Room Styles enhances property appeal, enabling real estate agents to stage homes virtually, making them more attractive to potential buyers.

Personalized Design Experience: Individuals looking to personalize their living space can use AI Room Styles to apply their preferred styles and colors, simplifying the home decoration process.

Creative Collaboration: Interior designers can collaborate with clients using AI Room Styles’ intuitive interface to blend colors, textures, and materials, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing space.

ReRoom AI


ReRoom AI is an AI-powered tool that enables users to transform their living spaces with AI-generated dream rooms.

Users can take a picture of their room and select a design theme from a range of 20+ styles to reimagine their space.

Use Cases:

Room Transformation: ReRoom AI allows users to visualize and plan the transformation of their living spaces with different design themes.

Design Options: The tool generates multiple design options for a given space, helping users preview different possibilities before making a final decision.

Ease of Use: Users can easily use the tool by taking a picture of their room and selecting a design theme, making it accessible and user-friendly.

Style Selection: With over 20 design styles to choose from, users can find a style that suits their preferences and taste.

Preview Functionality: The tool provides a preview of the AI-generated dream room, allowing users to see how the design will look in their space before making any changes.

Decision Making: ReRoom AI helps users make informed decisions about their room design by providing them with visual representations of different design options.

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