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InSummary is an automation tool that streamlines work processes by connecting with your calendar and automatically generating AI-powered performance reviews and status reports.

This saves users time and effort in creating these reports manually.

Use Cases:

Time-Saving Reports: InSummary saves time by automating the generation of performance reviews and status reports.

Calendar Integration: The tool seamlessly integrates with your calendar, ensuring that reports are generated based on your schedule and events.

AI-Powered Insights: InSummary uses AI to provide valuable insights and recommendations in the generated reports.

Efficiency: By automating these tasks, InSummary allows users to focus on other important aspects of their work.

Customization: Users can customize the reports generated by InSummary to suit their specific needs and requirements.

Scene One


Scene One is an online book writing software designed by writers for writers. It works in any web browser and on any device, including phones, allowing users to create their stories in any style they choose.

It securely stores words in the cloud, making them accessible from anywhere.

Use Cases:

Cross-Device Compatibility: Scene One’s ability to work on any device ensures that writers can work on their stories anytime, anywhere.

Customizable Writing Styles: Writers can choose their writing style, whether it’s outlining, free writing, or structured drafting, to suit their creative process.

Cloud Storage: The platform securely stores words in the cloud, ensuring that work is safe and accessible from any device.

Efficiency Features: Scene One includes features to help authors write more efficiently, such as word count tracking, progress tracking, and organization tools.

Collaboration: Writers can collaborate with others by sharing their work and receiving feedback directly within the platform.

Privacy and Security: Scene One prioritizes privacy and security, ensuring that writers’ work is protected.

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