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Series of multilingual large language models, independently developed by Shenzhen Yuanxiang Technology. 65B model has been thoroughly trained on a diversified and high-quality dataset consisting of 2.6 trillion of tokens, including more than 40 languages such as Chinese, English, Russian, and Spanish. The sampling ratio of different types of data is finely set, which makes the performance of Chinese and English excellent, and also takes into account the effect of other languages. Also it have Code data of different programming languages.

XVERSE AI Tool: Analyse Text, Create Text, Build Models, Chatbot, Write Code.

Introducing XVERSE – a powerful AI tool designed by Shenzhen Yuanxiang Technology that comes with a series of multilingual large language models! With the 65B model being thoroughly trained on a high-quality, diversified dataset with 2.6 trillion of tokens, XVERSE offers excellent performance in 40 different languages, including Chinese, English, Russian, and Spanish. The sampling ratio for different types of data has been optimized to balance the performance of Chinese and English with other languages. Moreover, XVERSE supports programming language code data, making it an ideal tool for AI writing, ML and more.

Key Features of XVERSE:

  • Series of multilingual large language models
  • 65B model that covers 2.6 trillion tokens
  • Supports 40 different languages
  • Sampling ratio finely set for optimal performance of all languages
  • Supports programming language code data

Possible Use Cases & Advantages of XVERSE:

  • AI writing, ML and more
  • Easily analyse, create, build and train models
  • Develop chatbot with natural language processing
  • Create and write code for different programming languages
  • Offers excellent performance across 40 different languages with advanced optimization of sampling ratio of different types of data


Tool was created to give people a new way to express themselves, share their curiosities, explore new ideas, and experience a trusted personal AI. It is built on world-class proprietary AI technology developed in-house. Its experience is intended to prioritize conversations with people, where other AIs serve productivity, search, or answering questions and it is a coach, confidante, creative partner, or sounding board.

Introducing Pi, Your Personal AI.

Introducing Pi – an AI tool that allows people to explore new ideas and express themselves like never before. With its proprietary AI technology, Pi is designed to prioritize conversations with people, rather than serving basic tasks such as productivity, search or giving answers. This AI tool works like a coach, confidante, creative partner or sounding board and provides a unique way to socialize, exchange ideas, and express yourself freely.

Key Features:

  • Analyse text
  • Create text
  • Analyse data
  • Chatbot
  • Transform text to speech

With Pi, you get the power of a virtual assistant and so much more. You can use Pi to easily analyse text, create text, analyse data, setup a chatbot, and transform text to speech. As such, Pi provides a unique opportunity for anyone looking to engage in meaningful conversations and further explore their curiosities in the world. With Pi, you get the power and convenience of a digital assistant, with the added advantage of AI technology.


Your digital companion helping you think deeper and deal with how you’re feeling. Crack negative cycles, break procrastination, grow resiliency.

MindMuse – AI Analytical Tool for Deep Thinking, Emotion Management, and Text Creation.

Discover the revolutionary AI tool, MindMuse – your personal digital companion designed to support you in your quest for a healthier mental state. Crafted with a mission to help you think deeper and understand your feelings better, MindMuse encourages you to break out the shackles of negative cycles, procrastination, and grow resilience. Experience a transforming interaction with technology, symbolizing an innovative intersection of health and psychology.

MindMuse comes equipped with several powerful features. It’s a comprehensive solution that can analyze text accurately, presenting insightful interpretations to help you understand the nuances of your feelings. Unleash the potential of AI with its dynamic chatbot, always available to listen and respond to your thoughts and feelings. What’s more, MindMuse is capable of creating text, aiding you to articulate your sentiments and experiences.

Using MindMuse presents endless advantages and use cases. Whether you’re seeking personal growth or a convenient tool for psychological health management, MindMuse is your reliable companion. Its thoughtfully developed features make it an ideal tool for therapists and psychiatrists to evaluate their patients’ feelings based on their text inputs, making it easier to guide them towards better mental health.

Experience the peace of helping yourself understand your mental state better, breaking through procrastination patterns, and cultivating resilience. Take a stride towards a healthier psychological state with MindMuse, your responsive and insightful AI companion!

Igniter Chat

Your personal chatbot, ready to assist you. Just tell him what you need help with, and it will do its best to find an AI tool for you.

Igniter Chat – Personal Chatbot for Text Analysis and Text Creation.

Igniter Chat is an AI-based tool designed to reduce your workload and enhance productivity by helping you find the most suitable AI tool for your task. This personal chatbot deftly answers your queries and aids in performing tasks like text analysis, chatbot creation, and text generation, advancing your efficiency at work.

Key features of Igniter Chat include:

  • Expertise in text analysis: Using advanced AI algorithms, it accurately examines enormous piles of data in your text, providing useful insights.
  • Efficient chatbot creator: The tool assists you in generating custom-made chatbots to aid in your tasks, thereby saving time and enhancing productivity.
  • Proficient in Text Creation: Whether it’s creating reports, presentations, or documents, Igniter Chat makes the process quicker and simpler.

Employing Igniter Chat unlocks various advantages and could be implemented in multiple scenarios. If you’re a content writer striving to produce fresh, engaging content, let Igniter Chat analyze your draft text and provide useful assessments. Similarly, as a business owner, enhance your customer service experience by creating a chatbot to handle customer queries effectively. Productivity skyrockets as Igniter Chat takes care of creating substantial amounts of text, freeing you to focus on strategic tasks.

With Igniter Chat, let AI tools work for you, enhancing your productivity, streamlining processes, and thereby redefining your work dynamics. Try Igniter Chat today and experience the revolutionary power of Artificial Intelligence at your fingertips.


Conversational AI from Google. It will help you to test ideas, find inspiration and quickly solve a variety of tasks.

Bard – Google’s Conversational AI for Chatbots, Text and Image Analysis, Text Creation, and Translations

Introducing Bard, a revolutionary conversational AI tool powered by Google. Bard transforms the way you operate, offering impressive capabilities to test ideas, generate creative inspirations, and efficiently solve a myriad of tasks. Armed with advanced features such as the ability to create and analyze text, analyze images, translate efficiently and function as a chatbot, Bard stands as a powerful ally in optimizing your performance.

Bard, armed with versatility and state-of-the-art technology, offers an impressive suite of features, including:

  • Design of intelligent chatbots engineered to provide swift, reliable and efficient services round the clock.
  • Proficient text analysis, providing insights to better understand the hidden patterns and trends.
  • Text creation capabilities, where AI magic spins creative content to capture and engage your audience.
  • High-end image analysis, enabling robust extraction and understanding of information from visual content.
  • Superior multilingual translation abilities, shattering communication barriers for seamless, global operations.

But how can Bard bring about a positive transformation in your day-to-day operations? The applications of Bard are vast, spanning across several industries and use-cases. It can function as an indispensable virtual assistant, cutting down your workloads, and offering reliable service at an unprecedented pace.

With the chatbot feature, Bard serves as a 24/7 customer-service, boosting customer satisfaction levels. Its text analysis and creation abilities add a cutting-edge advantage in content marketing, offering unique innovation while also providing valuable insights. With image analysis, Bard has the ability to decode visual data, crucial in industries like e-commerce where image understanding can significantly boost sales.

Translation services not only serve to enhance international communication but they are also paramount in enlarging the customer base, by catering to multicultural audiences in their native languages.

Bard isn’t just about harnessing AI; it’s about providing you with unparalleled AI support that helps unlock new opportunities, boost creativity, enhance productivity, and achieve a competitive edge. No matter your needs, Bard is designed to deliver, proving itself as a priceless addition to your technological arsenal.

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