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MidReal is a platform that lets you craft interactive, illustrated stories with AI. Users can start with a sentence and then choose their own adventure to guide the story’s infinite unfolding.

The platform supports all genres, from anecdote to sci-fi to fantasy.

Use Cases:

Interactive Storytelling: MidReal allows users to create interactive stories where the narrative evolves based on the choices made by the reader.

Creative Writing: The platform can be used for creative writing exercises, allowing users to explore different storylines and plot twists.

Genre Exploration: Users can explore various genres of storytelling, from anecdote to sci-fi to fantasy, and create stories that fit their preferences.

Illustrated Stories: MidReal supports illustrated stories, adding visual elements to enhance the storytelling experience.

Infinite Story Possibilities: With its AI-powered storytelling engine, MidReal offers infinite story possibilities, ensuring that each reading experience is unique.

Engagement: The interactive nature of the stories created on MidReal can enhance reader engagement and immersion in the narrative.

Scene One


Scene One is an online book writing software designed by writers for writers. It works in any web browser and on any device, including phones, allowing users to create their stories in any style they choose.

It securely stores words in the cloud, making them accessible from anywhere.

Use Cases:

Cross-Device Compatibility: Scene One’s ability to work on any device ensures that writers can work on their stories anytime, anywhere.

Customizable Writing Styles: Writers can choose their writing style, whether it’s outlining, free writing, or structured drafting, to suit their creative process.

Cloud Storage: The platform securely stores words in the cloud, ensuring that work is safe and accessible from any device.

Efficiency Features: Scene One includes features to help authors write more efficiently, such as word count tracking, progress tracking, and organization tools.

Collaboration: Writers can collaborate with others by sharing their work and receiving feedback directly within the platform.

Privacy and Security: Scene One prioritizes privacy and security, ensuring that writers’ work is protected.

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