Best Free AI Websites

Search Engine

YourSearch AI

An AI-powered search engine designed to facilitate personalized internet research directly in your favorite messenger


  • isn’t just any search engine, it’s YOUR search engine. It customizes search results according to what you love.
  • Whether it’s planning a vacation or researching a project, caters to a wide range of topics.
  • Say goodbye to biased information. is all about the truth, providing real, unbiased answers.
  • No more sifting through irrelevant information. delivers summarized, relevant results straight to your screen.

Dream Up (Deviant Art)

DreamUp™ by DeviantArt is an AI-powered art generator that prioritizes safety and fairness in the creation of AI-generated art.

Dream Up (Deviant Art) Features:

  • DeviantArt DreamUp™ provides creator control over the usage, training, and credit related to their art and style.
  • The platform upscales all images to high resolutions for better quality.
  • Users can customize prompts to re-run or adjust for varied results.

AI-generated images are automatically tagged for easy browsing and filtering.

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Mage is a free, rapid, and unadulterated diffusion tool powered by AI that’s been specifically designed for creative content generation.

Mage Features:

  • Mage offers a variety of AI models for different types of content, including photorealism, art, 3D art, NSFW, and fantasy.
  • The tool’s customizable settings allow users to adjust aspects like aspect ratio, steps, guidance scale, seed, negative prompt, and privacy.
  • Memberships provide access to over 20 AI models, offering enhanced creative possibilities.


Lexica is a search engine/image generator designed to provide accurate results.

How it works:

You can search for images prompts and also generate images with your own prompts.


Prompt – “An astronaut laying down in a bed of millions of vibrant, colorful flowers and plants, photoshoot”



Civitai: The AI art community’s free, open-source model-sharing hub.

Civitai Features:

Civitai is the only Model-sharing hub for the AI art generation community! Free to use, open source, and continually improving.

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