Best Free AI Websites

Search Engine

Ask an AI

Get quick and accurate answers

Ask an AI Features:

Get quick and accurate answers to any query with Ask an AI – the user-friendly platform that uses advanced AI technology to handle both simple and complex questions on any topic. With streamlined research and an easy-to-use interface, Ask an AI is the ultimate solution for saving time and getting the right answers.

ChatGPT For Search Engines

Display ChatGPT response alongside Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo Search results

ChatGPT For Search Engines Features:

Upgrade your search engine experience with ChatGPT for Search Engines – the browser extension that enhances results with integrated AI-generated responses, syntax highlighting, customizable triggers, and a comfortable interface. Plus, get access to over 70 copywriting prompt templates for all your content needs.

Metaphor Systems

Search the internet with large language models using Metaphor

Metaphor Systems Features:

Unlock the full potential of language with Metaphor – the AI-powered search engine that understands user prompts in a more expressive and creative way than traditional search engines. With predictive linking,


Get Your Own AI Assistant & Smart Search Tool

NoowAI Features: – the ultimate destination for AI enthusiasts who want to explore and experience the best of AI technology. With accessible AI-powered resources, continuous innovation, a welcoming community, and a commitment to the future, NoowAI is the perfect platform for anyone interested in AI technology.

Enhanced ChatGPT

Search Google and ChatGPT simultaneously

Enhanced ChatGPT Features:

Discover the ultimate search tool with Enhanced ChatGPT – the AI-powered platform that lets you search Google and ChatGPT simultaneously. Enjoy video summarization, ChatGPT’s capabilities everywhere, conversation prompts, and more for a quick, productive, and AI-fueled search experience.


AI search engine that focuses on objectivity, factual data, and reduced bias.

iAsk.AI Features:

Get instant and accurate answers to your questions with iAsk.Ai – the free AI search engine that prioritizes factual and objective information. Featuring similar technologies to ChatGPT, iAsk.Ai is the perfect alternative for those seeking a reduced bias experience.


Discover Millions of e-Books and Papers for Free

Searcholic Features:

Transform your search experience with Searcholic – the cutting-edge AI-powered search engine designed to improve the way you find eBooks and documents online.

Have I Been Encoded

Keep track of what all the different AI’s say about you!

Have I Been Encoded Features:

Discover what AI knows about you with HaveIBeenEncoded (BETA) – the service that provides insights into your digital profile and lets you opt-out if desired.

Producthunt AI

Hunt products that exactly satisfies your requirements

Producthunt AI Features:

Get personalized product recommendations that solve your exact problems with Producthunt AI – the AI-powered tool that leverages real-time data to suggest free and paid app alternatives, with price comparisons and a use guide for quick getting started.


Claros is An AI expert to help you decide what to buy

Claros Features:

Make informed buying decisions effortlessly with Claros – the AI-powered product recommendation tool that offers personalized suggestions based on user requirements and budget. With user-friendly features and time-saving algorithms, Claros makes online shopping a breeze.

One More AI

AI-generated stock images: thousands of pics!

One More AI Features:

AI-Generated Stock Images Find thousands of pictures generated by Artificial Intelligence.

Kailua Labs

Search images, video, audio & more with AI using our API.

Kailua Labs Features:

Easily integrate powerful multimodal search into your app utilizing our API. Leverage the power of AI to search your image, video, audio, and other types of data with ease.

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