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OpusClip Captions

Make your raw short videos more engaging with OpusClip Captions. Our free tool lets you apply dynamic caption styles popularized by some of the world’s biggest content creators, straight onto your own videos.

Now you can swiftly add captions, turning a time-consuming task into a matter of minutes. Dive into the future of video engagement without delay.

Why use OpusClip Captions for your short video captioning?

Captions can give your short videos the engagement edge they need to find success with social media algorithms. What makes OpusClip Captions the right tool to leverage?

1. Stylish Captions Made for Engagement

OpusClip Captions lets you easily adopt engaging caption styles used by top content creators, ensuring your videos are as compelling as they are accessible.

2. Get Captions Back Fast

Get your captions in minutes, not hours. OpusClip Captions streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on creativity rather than captioning.

3. Save Money on Your Captioning

With our tool, you can apply captions to up to 3 videos per day, completely free of charge.

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